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XFL Fans Chant ‘F— Dan Snyder’ During D.C. Defenders Game

by Nick Kosko
Dan Snyder fans chant
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

XFL fans chanted at Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder, who was not in attendance for the D.C. Defenders game Sunday.

The Defenders remained undefeated with a 34-28 win over the St. Louis Battlehawks but the game was remembered for the fans’ explicit chants. D.C. plays at Audi Field but the area fans knew of the potential sale of the Commanders.

Watch below to see and hear the fans chant “F— Dan Snyder.”

The video contains explicit language.

It’s safe to say, none of the fans, Defenders or Commanders, like him as a team owner. There is pressure for Snyder to sell the team.

The owners want him to do so, but it’s unclear if they’ll force the issue.

The Washington Post reported that Snyder’s wife, Tanya, represented the Commanders at the committee meetings in Palm Beach, Fla. She’s the co-CEO with her husband and handles the teams day-to-day operations. 

The full owners meeting starts March 26 in Phoenix.

Dan Snyder to sell Washington Commanders?

Specifically, the finance committee discussed the potential sale. Three names emerged as potential buyers. The Post reported that Snyder hasn’t looped the committee in with any bidding details.

Amid a lot of controversy surrounding his tenure as the owner, many want him to sell. Heck, Snyder might have beef with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, an interested buyer.

In fact, the Commanders’ owner blames Bezos for pressure by other NFL owners to sell the team. Bezos also owns the Washington Post. 

He bought the paper a decade ago and it did some key reporting about a toxic business culture within Snyder’s football team. Some sources told the New York Post Snyder believed that Bezos encouraged the reporting at his own paper so that Snyder would sell the team.

Bezos is worth more than $100 billion. NFL rules state that an owner must hold 30 percent equity of the team.

“Snyder wants at least $6 billion. That means to meet the league equity, you need $2 billion in cash,” one unidentified sports executive told Fox Business. “Who has that type of dough laying around but Jeff Bezos?”