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Darius Slayton Attempts to Defend Daniel Jones’ Contract, Gets Smacked by Tyreek Hill

by Alex Weber
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(Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)

Quarterback Daniel Jones agreed to a four-year, $160 million deal with the New York Giants ahead of this past Tuesday’s franchise tag deadline. Several starting NFL quarterbacks throughout the league are due to sign extensions or new deals altogether this offseason, including guys like Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow, but Jones is the first big domino to fall.

Now, there was plenty of debate online and among Giants fans whether a QB like Jones is worth paying big money, but ultimately, New York forked over $40 million annually to the guy that just led them to the playoffs. That’s not the money Jackson wants or Burrow and Justin Herbert will get in their extensions, but it’s a hefty price for a passer viewed as a tier or two (at least) below those guys.

In fact, some players across the league are already poking fun at the Giants for signing such an average quarterback for such a high price. Chicago Bears safety Jaquan Brisker didn’t hold back with his criticisms. He called Jones “trash” on Twitter after he signed a deal before Lamar Jackson.

Jaquan Brisker, Tyreek Hill trash talk Daniel Jones on Twitter

“Other Bruh got paid today and is trash fam,” Brisker tweeted the day Daniel Jones signed his long-term extension.

It didn’t take long for Giants players to find Brisker’s tweet and turn the tables on him. New York wideout Darius Slayton needed no words to show up Brisker on Twitter and simply replied to him with a picture of the final score of the Bears vs. Giants game from this past October, where New York won 20-12.

However, after Slayton’s tweet clowning Brisker, fellow wideout Tyreek Hill, a member of the Miami Dolphins, took Brisker’s side and threw shade towards Jones and the Giants offense. “Yeah the slant route gone be crazy next year,” Hill replied to Slayton with a few laughing emojis following the message — a shot at how simple and basic the Giants offense is with Jones.

Sure, Hill is a great receiver and played on a better offense this year, but the Giants finished with a slightly better record than Miami and even won a playoff game, which the Dolphins did not accomplish. And it’s not like Tyreek Hill is catching passes from the second-coming of Joe Montana, either. As for Brisker…well, he’s a Chicago Bear. His team won two games all year and can’t decide whether to pick another quarterback after two disaster seasons since drafting their last first-round QB, so he doesn’t have much in the way of trash talking rights, either.

Oh well, it’s all fun in games on social media in the offseason. Players, especially wide receivers and defensive backs, like to chatter and talk some jive. It’s all part of the circus until these guys square off against one another on the field next fall. Bears vs. Giants or Dolphins vs. Giants will be must-watch television.