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Davante Adams, Raiders front office aren’t seeing “eye-to-eye” right now, trying to be “optimistic”

by Barkley Truax
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(Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

The Las Vegas Raiders decided to move on from longtime franchise quarterback Derek Carr this offseason in favor of former San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

Davante Adams, who reunited with Carr, his college QB, last season after signing a long-term deal with the Raiders doesn’t seem to agree with his team’s current trajectory. Adams didn’t pull any punches when discussing his current feelings toward his team’s upper brass.

“We don’t see eye-to-eye on what we think is best for us right now,” Adams said. “I’m going to have to buy into this and try to be as optimistic as possible. It’s not what I expected to happen, but it’s something that’s the reality now.”

One thing Adams has always had during his football career is continuity at the quarterback position. During his first eight years in the league, Aaron Rodgers was his starting QB every single year. Now, he’ll have two in as many seasons.

Still, his first year in Vegas was on par with the stellar seasons he was producing with the Green Bay Packers. He caught 100 passes for 1,516 yards and 14 touchdown in 2022. Over the course of his 10-year career, Adams has totaled 769 receptions for 9,637 yards and 87 touchdowns.

Davante Adams isn’t opposed to playing with Jimmy Garoppolo

Whether Adams wants to play with the Raiders or not has nothing to do with his relationship with assumed QB1 Jimmy Garoppolo. It’s the first time Adams has played with an unfamiliar quarterback since his rookie season in Green Bay, but doesn’t have too many concerns when it comes to chemistry.

They’ll have to gauge it situationally.

“It all depends on the style of ball that we play,” Adams said. “If we play a certain brand of ball, I can get [Garoppolo] to conform to whatever. But if we use him a certain type of way, then it’s going to make it tough for us to maximize who we should be this year.”

If Adams were to have equal success with Garoppolo under center, he would be the first wide receiver in NFL history to have three-straight 1,500-yard receiving seasons with three different quarterbacks. It would also put to bed the notion that Adams needs Aaron Rodgers to be successful.

Unless he is traded, Adams will remain in Vegas until at least the end of the 2024-25 season and won’t by an unrestricted free agent until 2027.