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Eagles Kicker Jake Elliott Fires Back at Cheating Allegations

by Dustin Schutte
jake Elliott kicks vs cowboys
(Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images)

Philadelphia Eagles kicker Jake Elliott is firing back at allegations that he and his team cheated during field goal attempts throughout the season. He says that the method the team utilizes is completely legal under NFL rules. reported that NFL officials would be on “alert” during the Wild Card Round about placekickers using foreign objects on field goal attempts. There was a mention of Elliott and the Eagles for their actions in a Week 14 game against the Giants.

A video from that game shows holder Britain Covey picking up a small object after the kick. Elliott said it was nothing against the rules.

“We’ve always used something that’s within the rules,” Elliott said, per “It’s just literally to mark the spot. It’s part of the playing surface, like a piece of grass or something like that.”

Elliott also mentioned that the team has spoken with the league office about the situation.

“When we talked to them, we explained what we’re doing, and they saw what we were doing,” he said. “Probably 30 teams do it around the league. It’s just a point of emphasis, and someone makes it bigger than it is. Everything we’ve done has been completely legal.”

I guess that settles that, right?

Eli Manning Says He’s Attending Giants-Eagles Playoff Game

A long-time arch nemesis of the Philadelphia Eagles may be returning to Lincoln Financial Field this weekend. Eli Manning, who spent his entire NFL career with the New York Giants, said he’s leaning towards going to this weekend’s playoff game between the division foes.

Manning said that once he retired, he’d never go back to Philadelphia. But given the circumstances, it sounds like he’s ready to make an exception.

“I said when I retired that I would never go back to a football game at Philly, but I think I have to break my promise [for Giants-Eagles]. I think I have to go there,” Manning said during Monday Night Football.

“I can’t wait to see the amount of double birds I get. Could break a record.”

Neither can we, Eli.