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Eagles WR AJ Brown Claps Back at Football Fans Thinking They Can Play in an NFL Game

by Daniel Morrison
AJ Brown
Kevin Sabitus / Contributor PhotoG/Getty

Philadelphia Eagles star wide receiver AJ Brown wants to make something clear, there’s a reason why fans aren’t playing. They’re simply not capable.

This came up after there was an online debate about whether or not you could throw 10 or more yards in an NFL game, without throwing a screen or shovel pass. In the original video that went viral, a fan wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat and a Kansas City Chiefs jersey is confident he could do it.

AJ Brown quote tweeted the video, begging to differ.

“I promise after you get crushed by Hassan Reddick and fletch falls on you, your body will go into shock… and your not even going to want the ball I promise. Half of y’all won’t be able to see over the OLine. People are going to wish they stayed on the couch commentating,” AJ Brown tweeted.

There are very few who know what it takes to be successful in the NFL better than AJ Brown. At the same time, it’s easy to understand why so many fans think that they could succeed in the NFL. It’s a dream that they’ve likely had since they were kids and still hold onto in some way. Because they’re not close to good enough to play in the NFL, though, they’ve also never played anyone close to good enough. Because of that, they don’t really understand how big the talent gap is.

Still, even with AJ Brown shutting down this question, there are always going to be fans convinced that they could throw a ball over those mountains.

AJ Brown Revealed All the Titans Play Call Signals

Prior to playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, AJ Brown was a Tennessee Titan. In 2022, he had to play against his former team. After the game, which Brown was excellent in, he surprisingly admitted to giving away signals for different play calls.

He was able to give away “every detail” because of a mistake it seems like the Tennessee staff has been making. They don’t change their play call signs or signals from one season to the next. Brown knew this and took advantage.

I gave every little detail. The signals, everything. They don’t change none of that stuff,” AJ Brown said on the ‘Raw Room’ podcast.