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Eli Apple, After Tone-Deaf Tweet, Continues Trolling Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen

by Daniel Morrison
Eli Apple
Bryan M. Bennett / Stringer PhotoG/Getty

Following the Bengals’ win over the Bills, Cincinnati’s Eli Apple sent out a tone-deaf tweet that seemingly trolled Damar Hamlin. Apple hasn’t stopped, though, continuing to troll Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen.

Stefon Diggs notably had trouble controlling his emotions during and after the loss. That included yelling at Josh Allen on the sideline.

So, Eli Apple took to Twitter to troll the pair by quote tweeting a video of the incident and suggesting that they need couple’s counseling.

“Someone get them in couples therapy @JoshAllenQB and @stefondiggs I’ll pay on God,” Apple tweeted with a prayer hands emoji.

This tweet wasn’t as bad as the first one that Eli Apple sent out, it still doesn’t feel necessary. The Bills, and specifically Stefon Digg, are clearly frustrated with how the season ended, and Apple is delighted by it.

Eli Apple Trolled the Bills with a Tone-Deaf Tweet

The original tweet that Eli Apple sent out was incredibly tone-deaf. In it, he quote tweeted Stefon Diggs himself.

Diggs tweeted, “It’s easy to criticize my reaction more than the result,” in an attempt to explain his side of things after storming out of the game. So, Apple quoted that tweet, saying, “Cancun on 3.” Apple also used a heart hands emoji.

This was an incredibly tone-deaf move by Eli Apple. After all, Damar Hamlin wears number three and has been using his hands to make a heart, showing love for those who have supported him during his recovery. Because of this, it seemed like Apple wasn’t just taking a shot at Diggs but at Hamlin too.