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Eli Manning drinks beer out of Stanley Cup

by Wade Peery
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning both know how to keep their names in the media and in the public spotlight. They understand that staying in the spotlight can only help their podcast, the ManningCast. Staying in the spotlight usually helps the Mannings convert those eyeballs into money and lots of it. Eli Manning has shown that he’s not afraid to pull off any sort of stunt to keep his relevant. He had another funny moment on Friday.

On Friday evening, he drank some beer out of the Stanley Cup. Check it out below.

“Brad Richards feeding me a beer out of The Stanley Cup….just a normal Friday,” Manning tweeted with the video.

It’s been one heck of a week for Eli Manning. First, he got inducted into the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame on Thursday. Now, he’s drinking a beer out of Lord Stanley’s Cup on Friday. That’s a tough week to top, even in his world.

Eli Manning had some jokes during his HOF induction speech at the Cotton Bowl

Eli Manning is an Ole Miss legend with his No. 10 retired by the program following a stellar career in college. The two-time Super Bowl MVP hasn’t played since 2019 following his retirement from the game, but recently joked about wanting one more season under center.

And no, it wasn’t to play for the Giants. It was to play for Ole Miss one last time because he loves college football that much.

Manning made the joke during his induction into the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame.

“About 12 of us at all redshirted, and you know so (we were) fifth year seniors,” Manning said of his final year at Ole Miss in 2023. “Then we go and play our last game together, so getting to share that and share a win with them (was great and I) actually reached out last year. I love college football so much, I asked if I could get back my COVID year, and go back to college and play a sixth year, but I got rejected.”

Manning played just six games in 2000 as a redshirt freshman, but started the next three years. He finished his college career with 10,286 yards, 84 touchdowns, 36 interceptions and a 60.8% completion percentage.

He was the No. 1 overall pick by the then-San Diego Chargers and promptly traded to the New York Giants.

He won two Super Bowls with the Giants and holds the franchise records for passing yards, touchdown passes, and completions.

Manning also never missed a game due to injury and ranks in the top 10 in all-time passing yards and touchdowns.

He finished his NFL career with 57,023 passing yards, 366 touchdowns, and 244 interceptions. He also completed 60.3% of his passes for his career.

Chad Powers Costume

While Manning won’t be playing for Ole Miss anymore, even with eligibility rules being vastly different now, he brought back his character Chad Powers.

Manning dressed up as the character at a Penn State practice and fooled many players on the team as a new quarterback trying out for the Nittany Lions. He brought back the costume for Halloween in 2022.

Manning posted a picture with his family on Halloween, just before the clock turned to the trick-or-treating hour. He doesn’t have the same custom make-up that he received from ESPN when doing his famous skit — and it’s pretty clear.

On3 and Outsider’s Nick Kosko also contributed to this article.