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Eli Manning Reveals the Dream ManningCast Guests He Wants Next

by Nick Geddes
Eli Manning
(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

ESPN‘s “ManningCast” has yielded a high-profile list of guests in its two seasons ranging from former United States President Barack Obama to actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Eli Manning, who co-hosts the “Monday Night Football” simulcast alongside his brother, Peyton, recently revealed there’s a pair of guests who have eluded them.

“I think now, I’m a big ‘Seinfeld’ fan, so I think a Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David … something in that realm would be pretty cool,” Manning told the TMZ Sports TV show at his Easter event with The Children’s Place.

Seinfeld makes plenty of sense, as the 58-year-old actor and Brooklyn native is a New York Giants fanatic. David, meanwhile, is known for his fandom of the New York Jets. David helped create the hit sitcom, “Seinfeld,” and is rumored to have been the key cog to the Manning’s landing an interview with Obama.

“I’d never imagine when I retired from playing football I’d ever interview Barack Obama for a segment while watching a football game at the same time,” Eli said. “That kind of blew my mind. I thought I’d just say something outrageous, it would never happen. I could just keep saying the answer for years to come. Obviously, I can’t do that now.”

Peyton Manning Addresses Future of ManningCast Following Season 2

The “ManningCast” has been a success, drawing an average of 1.5 million viewers in its second season. Though many fans would love to see the show expand to a full schedule, Peyton revealed in a recent interview that 10 is the perfect number.

“One thing I think comes through is just how much Eli and I enjoy this,” Peyton said, via Fast Company. “We laugh a lot. If you maybe go to 17 games, maybe we’re not laughing as much, and it starts to get repetitive. ESPN has certainly mentioned going up to 12 games or more, and Eli and I held strong. We just feel the show is better if we keep it to the 10.”

Eli echoed Peyton’s thoughts, saying “there’s something to people wanting more.”

“I don’t want to see him every week and get his voice memos of breaking down [game] film,” Eli said. “There’s something to people wanting more, and if we’re on too much, they might not want more. It keeps me motivated.”