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Erin Andrews Defends Angry Coaches in Sideline Interviews

by Steve Samra
Erin Andrews
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Erin Andrews is coming to the defense of coaches who get a little ornery during their sidelines interviews.

It’s an epidemic sweeping the sports world. From Nick Saban to John Harbaugh, coaches are catching flack for being less than cordial with sidelines announcers.

Personally, Andrews hates them. The former ESPN reporter turned FOX staple dished more on the latest Calm Down with Erin and Charissa, where she answered a listener who wondered about the challenge of mid-game interviewing.

“They’re hard,” Andrews stated, regarding mid-game interviews. “We on FOX, which I’m actually glad about, don’t do those ones where they’re on camera. I don’t like that. I’m not talking badly about any network that does it. But the reason I like how we do it, either going into the half or coming out of the half, the coach can be as annoyed or as fired up or as honest as they want.”

Regardless, they can make for some of the best soundbites. Who can forget Saban chewing out a reporter at the end of a rough half, or Bill Belichick’s dry answers? They give us an unparalleled insight into their mind — or what they’ll show us.

Take last weekend’s interview with the aforementioned Harbaugh during the Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals playoff game for example. The minute it ended, it made waves on social media.

Erin Andrew on polarizing John Harbaugh interview: ‘I didn’t think he was rude.’

While the Ravens leader was more dry than rude with NBC’s Melissa Stark, the sports world took notice of his not wanting to be spoken to. Andrews is on the side of the coach though, believing that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows on the sidelines.

“I have to be honest with you, I didn’t think he was rude,” Andrews said, regarding Harbaugh. “I just thought it was a coach that was coaching in the playoffs. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. Maybe I’m just so hardened to this s—, but I feel like this is the job we decided to do. It’s not going to be all happy-go-lucky, peaches and cream on the sideline. We are in their world.

“Yes, I know it’s part of the business, but we are asking them to take a minute and I hate those.”

Erin Andrews has been a part of plenty of memorable interviews. Heck, remember the Richard Sherman post-game tirade? She’s seen it all, and nothing can get under her skin.

Cheers to the coaches mid-game interview and the reporters who bravely retrieve them. May you never stop providing glorious soundbites.