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Former Cowboy Great Troy Aikman Says He’s Noticing an Issue with Dak Prescott

by Suzanne Halliburton
dak prescott troy aikman talk before game
Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Troy Aikman, in studying film of Dak Prescott, noticed a problem with the Dallas quarterback. And it’s unclear whether the current QB can clean it up by Monday’s playoff game.

Aikman won three Super Bowls with the Cowboys. He’s also a Pro Football Hall of Famer. He immediately can recognize issues when he’s breaking down game tape.

Here’s what he said about Prescott, who leads Dallas into its super wildcard NFL playoff matchup against Tampa Bay.

“I see a quarterback that was not playing with a great deal of confidence,” Troy Aikman said of Dak Prescott during an appearance on Dallas sports radio 96.7 FM. “And I think that would be a bit of a concern going into this game. Can he get that back?”

Aikman suggests this fix. “I think the key to it will be how does he start the game? Can Kellen Moore can he get him some easy completions on the road in a pretty electric environment to get him comfortable?”

Moore is the Dallas offensive coordinator. Aikman’s advice is something akin to what offensive coordinators do to help a young quarterback. Start with simple throws. Build the QB’s confidence as his completion percentage strengthens. Eventually, the game action slows down. But Prescott is 29. Monday’s game will represent his fourth career playoff start. So far, he’s 1-2, with his only victory coming in 2018.

Prescott’s confidence could really be sinking, given how he played last Sunday. The Cowboys, with a chance at the top seed in the NFC, looked woeful on offense in a 26-6 loss to the Washington Commanders. The Dallas quarterback completed only 37 percent of his passes as he struggled in his worst outing of the season.

And although quarterbacks don’t go head-to-head against each other, it probably doesn’t help that the Cowboys are facing Tom Brady. The Tampa quarterback is 7-0 against the Cowboys. Plus, he’s considered the greatest to ever have played the position. There’s also this reality. Aikman, who did so in January, 1996, is the last quarterback to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win.

Dak Prescott knows that Troy Aikman was the last Cowboy quarterback to win the a Super Bowl. (Owen Shaw/Getty Images)

Prescott had other issues throughout the season. He liked to gift opposing defenses. Prescott threw at least one interception in each of the Cowboys’ last seven games. He threw two picks in a loss to Jacksonville. The Jaguars turned out to be better than most experts thought. Like Dallas, the Jags earned a spot in the wildcard playoff round.

Troy Aikman shared other thoughts about Dak Prescott’s performance at Washington.

“I felt watching the game last week for him that the game never slowed down,” Aikman said. “It never got to where he clearly was seeing what the defense was doing and where to go with the football. And I thought overall, thought the protection was pretty good.

“And I thought there were some places that the ball could have gone and had some completions,” Aikman said. “But I just don’t know if his eyes were really where they needed to be. But again, those games happen.”