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Former NFL QB Calls Fans ‘Delusional’ for Believing Aaron Rodgers Can Fix New York Jets

by Dustin Schutte
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(Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

Jets fans might believe Aaron Rodgers can fix everything if he shows up in New York, but one former NFL quarterback is skeptical. Football analyst Ryan Leaf says that’s a “delusional” expectation.

As speculation grows about the Jets and Rodgers having some level of mutual interest, dreams of Super Bowl rings start popping into the heads of New York fans. But Leaf says the four-time league MVP is showing some decline. He doesn’t believe Rodgers can be the fixer the franchise needs.

“You’re not a Super Bowl contender with Aaron Rodgers. I’m sorry,” Leaf said. “There always is a decline. Time has no competitors. … We saw last year, he threw more interceptions last year than he had the two previous years combined.”

Leaf also said that there really isn’t another market out there for Rodgers. That could indicate that there are some concerns about his ability to lead a team to a championship.

Comments from Leaf come after reports surfaced that Rodgers and the Jets have had conversations. At this time, the quarterback has not made a decision on his future.

Who Does Ryan Leaf Think the Jets Should Offer?

While Ryan Leaf disagrees that Aaron Rodgers can be the solution for the New York Jets, he did provide a different perspective. He thinks Lamar Jackson could be a huge asset for the organization.

“I do think, with the nucleus you have in place, there is an answer at quarterback for that. And I think he’s down in Baltimore, waiting for you,” Leaf said. “And I get it, you don’t know if Baltimore will match the offer tender. You have to hold onto that for the first week of free agency. I think you gotta take that chance.”

Earlier this week, the Ravens put the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson. He’s free to meet with other teams to discuss a potential contract. If he signs an agreement, Baltimore has seven days to match.

If Baltimore allows Jackson to walk, it would receive two draft picks in return.