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Former NFL Star JJ Watt Cautions Fans About Free Agency Rumors

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Now that JJ Watt has stepped away from the NFL, he’s offering some friendly advice to those paying attention during the free agency period. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year has a few tips for fans.

With free agency opening up on Wednesday, March 15, Watt sent out a tweet regarding rumors fans could hear. He says everything that “leaks” is done so with purpose.

“NFL Free Agency/Draft Reminder: If you’re hearing a ‘rumor’ it’s because someone wants you to hear that rumor for one reason or another, or someone is purely guessing,” Watt wrote.

“If people want to keep something quiet, they absolutely can. It’s 100% possible to do deals without any leaks.”

Watt spent 12 seasons in the NFL before retiring after the 2022 campaign. He probably knows a thing or two about how these deals work.

So, just keep his words in mind when things start heating up during the free agency period this week.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter Trolls NFL Fans with New York Jets News

One of the storylines everyone is watching in the NFL right now is the situation involving Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The four-time league MVP has created one of the most mysterious offseason scenarios in recent memory.

There’s been a lot of rumors about Rodgers potentially making a move to the New York Jets this offseason. Recently, team officials reportedly flew into Green Bay to meet with the future Hall of Famer. Obviously, it’s created a lot of drama for Jets fans.

So, ESPN‘s Adam Schefter decided to have some fun at the expense of the passionate New York fanbase. Last week, Schefter tweeted “And the Jets just agreed to a trade.” Many thought the report related to Rodgers.

Alas, Schefter was just having some fun.

“Trade: Jets agreed to send a 2024 seventh-round pick to the Ravens in exchange for safety Chuck Clark, per league sources. Trade is agreed to, but cannot be processed until new league years begins Wednesday,” Schefter reported.

We continue to sit and wait, and wait … and wait on the Rodgers situation.