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Former Tom Brady Teammate Furious Over Video

by Steve Samra
Tom Brady
(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Kyle Van Noy is no longer Tom Brady’s teammate, but he’s sticking up for his privacy on Twitter.

The duo played together in New England. Van Noy — a linebacker on Brady’s championship Patriots squad — helped the quarterback to multiple rings. Now, after a video surfaced of Brady touring a school in Miami with his kids, the former Patriots defender is calling out the media.

T”his is some BS! Whoever filmed this is wack! Let my man just handle business for his kids,” tweeted Van Noy. “This should NOT be filmed!!!”

Indisputably, not everything has to be about Brady’s future. Although, with his time in Tampa Bay seemingly over, it looks like it will be until a final decision is made.

At least the context was added in the original tweet regarding Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen residing in Miami. The Dolphins would be a fascinating destination for the seven-time Super Bowl champion, but it doesn’t seem too likely.

Regardless, Kyle Van Noy speaks for many — let Tom Brady take his kids to visit a school without it turning into a discussion on his football future.

Greg Olsen Speaks Out About Tom Brady, FOX Broadcast Booth

While the NFL world waits to hear a decision from Tom Brady and whether he will play next season, Greg Olsen is worried about other things. For Olsen, the longer Brady stays in the league, the better. The former tight end wants to keep his own job in the booth at Fox. 

Alongside Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen spent the last season as half of the No. 1 duo on the network. However, as we all know, Fox is just waiting to add Tom Brady to the roster. There’s already a contract in place, the question is just when will Brady give it up in the NFL? 

For Olsen, the prospect of being unseated by the GOAT is a bit nerve-wracking. But he’ll take whatever happens in stride. 

“If Brady ends up retiring and coming…and that’s how everything unfolds, it sucks… But at the end of the day, I’m a big boy. I know what I signed up for,” Olsen said on ESPN 1000 in Chicago

“Whatever happens in the offseason, listen, I hope Brady signs a five-year deal with [an NFL team]. I’ll be the first guy there. I’ll give ’em some cap room to make it work.”

If Olsen is replaced by Brady, then you can’t really blame Fox. If you’re going to pay someone hundreds of millions of dollars right out of the league, they will probably be on TV as much as you can get them on there. 

Outsider’s Jonathan Howard contributed to this article.