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Indianapolis Colts change their name on Twitter in response to Titans schedule release video

by Steve Samra
Indianapolis Colts
(Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Indianapolis Colts are the latest NFL squad to change their Twitter name thanks to the Tennessee Titans.

The Colts’ AFC South rival had hands-down the best 2023 schedule release video on Thursday night. Their man-on-the-street style video was hilarious, featuring Nashville citizens and tourists alike guessing the names of the teams they’ll play this season.

For some reason, everyone thought the Colts were the Dallas Cowboys. Now, Indianapolis is clearing things up. They’re changed their Twitter name to “Not the Cowboys,” just to help everyone out.

A hilarious response to a great video from the Colts. When something that’s good, all you can do is roll with it. That’s exactly what Indianapolis did.

In addition to the Colts, the Atlanta Falcons also changed their Twitter moniker due to the Titans. After one random Nashvillian identified the Falcons as the “Red Stallions,” the team’s Twitter page opted to change their name (not their handle) to Red Stallions. Another organization just got a new nickname.

At the least, the Tennessee Titans have won the 2023 NFL Schedule Release. Hats off to their social media team. This is one that has staying power.

Tennessee Titans win on social media with 2023 NFL schedule release

That crew interviewed visitors in Nashville about opponents on the Titans’ schedule for the 2023 season. It might be the funniest thing you see all week.

Tennessee’s social media team asked random people across Broadway St. to identify the logos of the opponents on the Titans’ schedule for the 2023 season. We’re not going to lie, we’re still laughing after watching this video.

Here’s two minutes of pure gold … in which these people have absolutely no clue about NFL teams:

Which one of these made-up team names was your favorite? “Actually does not exist,” (or Jacksonville Jaguars) has to be up near the top, right? The “Eagles Eagles Eagles (from Pittsburgh)” — also known as the Seattle Seahawks — was also good.

Just a few years ago, social media teams tended to play things conservatively. There wasn’t a whole lot of excitement or humor with these posts. But everyone seems to have loosened up a bit.

Tennessee took full advantage of a great idea on Thursday night. It produced one of the best NFL videos you might ever see on Twitter, too.

Hats off to you, Titans social media squad. You just won the offseason.

Outsider’s Dustin Schutte contributed to this report.