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Jacksonville Jaguars Troll LA Chargers Following Incredible Comeback Win in NFL Wild Card Game

by Jonathan Howard
Jacksonville Jaguars celebrate comeback win
(Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

When you complete a 27-point comeback win in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs, you get to troll. The Jacksonville Jaguars did at least. After the Los Angeles Chargers collapsed and let the Jags back in the game, it was no-holds-barred on Twitter.

Sometimes when you’re on the internet, it takes a while to understand a joke. There are so many insular communities with their own references and memes. The Jacksonville Jaguars reached back 15 years to 2007 for their social media dunk.

For those that don’t know, the Chargers official account has a 2007 tweet that looks very out of place. “soo hungry need to find my wife and head to pf changs,” it says. So, the Jags made it their own.

PF Changs for everyone on the Jaguars roster!

Last night’s game was one of those that a lot of people probably turned off. Especially after Trevor Lawrence threw his fourth interception in just two quarters. However, I’d bet a lot of people turned the channel back over at the behest of social media and maybe a text or two from friends.

Watching a team come back from 27-0 is not something that happens every day. When it happens in the playoffs, it is even more special.

Jacksonville Jaguars Overcome Awful Start

Everyone wanted to know what Trevor Lawrence was going to do in the playoffs. Well, now we know. Jacksonville Jaguars fans are going to hope that their young QB shook out the nerves last night. Likely can’t give up four interceptions in the Divisional Round and expect to win.

However, Lawrence was ready to respond. The second half, he was on. His connection with Evan Engram is next level. We might be seeing the beginning of the next great QB-TE combo. 93 of those 288 passing yards were to Engram’s hands.

While the offense turned things around in the second half, this came down to a kick. The field goal unit won’t have to pay for much of anything this week. Especially not kicker Riley Patterson. He delivered the game-winning field goal at the end of regulation.

The NFL Playoffs continue today. What other crazy and wild finishes will we get to see as the postseason moves forward?