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Jags Fan, Chiefs Fan Go Viral For Dueling Tweets About Game, Eating Baked Potato From Pocket

by Barkley Truax
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

That awkward moment when you get trolled by a Kansas City Chiefs fan eating a baked potato.

A Jacksonville Jaguars fan thought she was slick by taking a picture of a woman in Chiefs gear who was eating a baked potato that she allegedly pulled out of her pocket at the AFC Divisional round playoff game between the Jags and Chiefs.

The Chiefs fan, who has now dubbed herself the ‘KC Potato Girl’ on social media, noticed she was being photographed. Then, she owned her potato-smuggling accusation by taking a photo of herself, too. This time, she was with the now infamous potato, the woman was in the background and she posted it with a hilarious caption.

Check out the altercation that was documented on Twitter below. Be warned Jags fans, it’s hard to have to see.

Now, if the Chiefs would have lost? That would be a different story — and probably less humorous.

What’s next for Kansas City?

Late-game defensive heroics would eventually win the game for the Chiefs. The win catapulting them to the AFC Championship for the third time in four seasons. There are concerns about how Kansas City will manage to survive next Sunday, however, as star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been diagnosed with a high ankle sprain, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The injury occurred in the first half of Saturday’s game against the Jaguars. He was visibly frustrated before being taken back to the locker room. It was later revealed he went back to have an x-ray taken that would eventually come back negative. He didn’t return until after halftime where he would start the second half — with a heavily taped ankle — and would finish the game for Kansas City with 22 completions for 195 yards and two touchdowns.

Now, the Chiefs will await the winner of the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills’ divisional round next Sunday. Either would be a formidable opponent — all the more reason Kansas City needs Patrick Mahomes more than ever at this stage of the postseason.