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Jalen Rose Puts Stephen A. Smith on Blast for ‘Fake Trolling’ the Dallas Cowboys

by Nick Schultz
ESPN analyst Jalen Rose
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

As soon as the clock hit zeros Sunday night, Dallas Cowboys fans knew what was coming next. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith was going to have a field day after the 19-12 loss to the San Francisco 49ers after a rough performance from Dak Prescott. The “How ‘Bout Them Cowboys” taunts were imminent.

However, one of Smith’s ESPN colleagues doesn’t think his trolling is legitimate.

Jalen Rose, who serves as an analyst on NBA Countdown alongside Smith, appeared to subtweet the “First Take” host by taking a shot at the constant jokes at the Cowboys’ expense. Immediately the loss, Smith posted a video of himself saying, “I told you so,” and took a victory lap after telling Dallas fans all season “What could go wrong, will go wrong.”

Rose didn’t seem impressed.

“So glad I didn’t make a career of content pretending to fake troll the Cowboys,” Rose tweeted.

That wasn’t the only tweet Rose fired off about Smith. He sent three more tweets about it and called out the fans for feeding into the bit.

“Got y’all talking about Dallas knowing the only way they can actually shut up critics is to win it all,” Rose tweeted. “Suckers.”

Stephen A. Smith calls out Michael Irvin after Cowboys’ playoff loss to 49ers

Once the Cowboys’ loss to the 49ers went final, Smith shared his message for their fans — specifically legendary wide receiver Michael Irvin, who works as an analyst for NFL Network and co-hosts “First Take” every Monday during football season. Most of the time, he either brags about the Cowboys or listens to Smith troll him throughout the show.

Add in the fact that the Dallas offense ran one of the most disastrous final plays in recent memory, and it had all the ingredients for an all-time week of bragging for Smith.

“What did I tell y’all?” Smith asked. “Didn’t I say, ‘Just be patient.’ That’s all I asked. All I asked was for y’all to be patient. It was coming. ‘High-power, prolific offense. Michael Irvin the playmaker. Keep it spinning or break your record. We’re averaging more than 35 points per game.’ Well, what did you do tonight? Oh my God. I can’t wait until First Take tomorrow morning.”