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Ja’Marr Chase Says ‘Hell Yeah’ He’s the NFL’s Best Wide Receiver

by Jonathan Howard
Ja'Marr Chase flexes on Ravens
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

When it comes to your skill players, you want them to be a little confident. Ja’Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals doesn’t lack any. For Chase, it isn’t a question, he’s the best receiver in the league. As far as he’s concerned the rest of the NFL can talk among themselves.

Of course, there are other receivers who believe the same thing about themselves. Most notably, Justin Jefferson. The wideout had an astounding season for the Minnesota Vikings. He led the entire NFL in both receptions and total yards receiving.

Now, Ja’Marr Chase and Jefferson were college teammates. They know one another pretty well. Unlike the famous Shaq meme, these guys are familiar with one another’s game.

When Chase was asked if he felt he was the best at his position, he was absolute.

“Hell yeah,” Chase said, via Pro Football Talk. “I just put up how many stats with four missed games? Who knows what would have happened?

“I’ve been thinking [about] it. I’m not a cocky person. I’m humble. I know what I can do. I don’t need to prove it. Everybody knows what I can do. Never a doubt in my mind.”

For Ja’Marr Chase and the Bengals, they have more time to prove these statements. Chase paired up with Joe Burrow is such a deadly combination. Cincy has shown that they can put up points in a hurry. They will have to step into Buffalo and come away with a win if they want to advance further.

Ja’Marr Chase Wants Another AFC Title

Ultimately, Ja’Marr Chase and the rest of his team want to win a Super Bowl. However, there are things you have to do before you get to the big game. So, as far as Chase is concerned, his job is to rack up the conference championships as much as possible.

“Try to get as many AFC championships as we can get,” Chase explained when asked about his career goals. “Make it to the Super Bowl as many times as possible. Me and him, we’re like bread and butter. As long as [Joe Burrow’s] got me and I’ve got him I should be here for a good time.”

That’s something that Bengals fans love to hear. Chase and Burrow are fun to watch and they have embraced the culture of the team. Fans have in turn embraced them and the entire team for the most part.

Is Ja’Marr Chase going to prove his claims in the 2023 playoffs?