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Jason Kelce Slams Aaron Rodgers’ Wish List, Calls Jets Trade A ‘Full Blown Hostage Situation’

by Suzanne Halliburton
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The Kelce brothers are the best talkers in the game. And we’re now blissfully headed to the weekend with Jason Kelce’s “hostage” demand comments in regards to Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets.

The two brothers are outstanding football players on the field. Travis Kelce is the terrific tight end for the Super Bowl champion Chiefs. He hosted Saturday Night Live early this month. And older brother Jason Kelce is center for the Eagles.

At least once a week, the Kelce brothers get together for their New Heights podcast. That’s when Jason Kelce poked the whole Aaron Rodgers frenzy for being way too insane.

Travis intro-ed the Rodgers topic. “What we do know is that Aaron Rodgers has provided the New York Jets with a list of free agents that he would like them to target and acquire.”

Jason Kelce Said the D Word, Which Could Trigger Aaron Rodgers

Then Jason Kelce goes off and we’re hoping his use of the d word doesn’t trigger Aaron Rodgers.

It’s “also known as a list of demands,” Jason says “He’s provided the New York Jets with a list of demands. We’re full blown hostage situation at this point.”

Then, we get to see Travis Kelce’s imitation from Captain Phillips. “Hostage situation! I am the captain now! I need a briefcase with 300 million dollars.”

And Jason adds “with Odell Beckham in the briefcase.” Then the Kelces turn into football guys again. “I mean, I get it,” Jason Kelce says of the Aaron Rodgers situation. “Listen, the Jets are stacked on defense. Their head coach is a defensive coach. Aaron coming over there, it could be a match made in heaven. He just wants to make sure they got a target that he feels comfortable with.”

Travis complimented all the good, young players on the Jets roster. Jason counters “Well, apparently, they can’t play ball good enough, because Aaron’s saying he wants one of these guys. … “I don’t know if they folded or if they answered the bell, but the Jets are all-in on the Rodgers deal.”

And the hostage theme continued on New Heights.

“We’ve got a hostage situation, they’re trying to keep all the hostages alive.” Travis tells his brother. Jason counters: “You give us one, we give you one, you give us one and also come to play our quarterback. That’s kind of where we’re at.”

Aaron Rodgers made a public appearance last Saturday in California. He said he decided on the Jets the day before. (Photo by Aubrey Lao /Getty Images)

Rodgers Said This Week He Wants to Play for Jets

Here’s where we’re all at right now. After weeks of teasing that he may retire, leave or possibly stay with the Packers, Rodgers announced this week that he intends to play for the Jets. However, since he’s still under contract with the Packers, he needs for his old team to agree to trade deal.

Meanwhile, ESPN reported that Rodgers discussed potential free agents he’d like to see join him on the Jets. Rodgers blasted this report and said he issued no demands. It sounded like the quarterback is playing the semantics game. But we’re betting Aaron Rodgers won’t appreciate Jason Kelce took the word demand and escalated it to hostage.

If you’re up for some more hilarity to your football, check out the entire episode.