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Jeff Bezos Preparing Power Move For Washington Commanders Despite Dan Snyder Wishes

by Nick Kosko
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Robin Hood)

Jeff Bezos has reportedly prepared for a power move regarding a potential sale of the Washington Commanders.

Commanders owner Dan Snyder won’t be forced to sell the team at this time, according to the New York Post’s Josh Kosman. But there might be a way for Bezos to get back in and purchase the team.

This is despite the fact that Snyder and Bezos reportedly despise each other. 

“National Football League owners don’t have enough votes to force Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder to sell the team — even as he stubbornly sticks to a record-breaking $6 billion asking price for the embattled franchise, The Post has learned,” Kosman wrote.

“Owners of the NFL’s 32 teams were hoping to reach a resolution to the lengthy saga by their annual meeting, which will be held March 26 in Phoenix. However, a source close to one NFL owner told The Post that the team bigwigs can’t reach the 75% threshold needed to force a sale by Snyder, a league pariah who faces allegations of sexual harassment and ESPN’s recent report of a criminal FBI investigation into allegations of financial misconduct.”

However the kicker is how Bezos could purchase the team, or at least attempt to buy.

“Meanwhile, Snyder nemesis Jeff Bezos recently signed a confidentiality agreement, signaling he may finally be allowed to enter the bidding process, sources close to Bezos told The Post,” Kosman wrote. “It was not clear whether Bezos inked the confidentiality pact with Snyder or the NFL.”

It seems the talks about Snyder selling the heated up but kind of stalled, for the moment.

Could Jeff Bezos Buy the Washington Commanders?

The Commanders’ owner blames Bezos for pressure by other NFL owners to sell the team. Bezos also owns the Washington Post. 

He bought the paper a decade ago and it did some key reporting about a toxic business culture in Washington. Snyder believed Bezos encouraged the reporting at his own paper so that Snyder would sell the team.

Bezos is worth more than $100 billion. NFL rules state that an owner must hold 30 percent equity of the team.“Snyder wants at least $6 billion. That means to meet the league equity, you need $2 billion in cash,” one unidentified sports executive told Fox Business. “Who has that type of dough laying around but Jeff Bezos?”