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Jets WR Elijah Moore Reportedly Cursed Out Mike LaFleur During Heated Practice Blowup

by Alex Weber
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(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

The New York Jets finished as a woeful offensive unit in 2022 despite drafting heavy on that end of the field in the last few cycles. But, when quarterback play is as poor as it was for NYJ, it’s hard to gain much momentum on offense. The Jets were actually a decent team overall and had a defense good enough to carry them within a game or two of the NFL Playoffs. But ultimately, they fell short and solely because of their offense.

After the season, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur and the team mutually agreed to part ways. Now that he’s out, some stories have started to leak out regarding the midseason disagreement between he and wide receiver Elijah Moore.

Following a momentous win over the Green Bay Packers earlier in the year, Moore was not happy with his role, having run 14 routes without a single target in the GB win. The first game in his NFL career where he wasn’t targeted. That outraged Moore. He blew up at LaFleur during practice the following week, who sent him home. He also did not play in that weekend’s game against the Broncos. Ian Rapoport even reported that Moore wanted to be traded, but New York had no plans to do so.

A week later, LaFleur and Moore patched things up and continued on with the season. However, when asked about the squabble, LaFleur played dumb and acted like nothing had happened between the two. Well, we knew then that wasn’t the case. And now, The Athletic’s Zack Rosenblatt reported this week some choice words that Moore shared with LaFleur during his tantrum after the Packers win.

“Go f—k yourself” and “You suck” Moore said with LaFleur, seemingly upset over the lack of targets in the Green Bay game. Of course, the coaches booted Moore from practice that day, which then led to Moore putting in a trade request that was swiftly denied by New York.

So, with a mid-season migration off the table, Elijah Moore and Mike LaFleur had no other option but to get along and move on. Which they did.