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Jets WR Garrett Wilson Apologizes for Overeager Reaction to Aaron Rodgers Trade Report

by Suzanne Halliburton
garrett wilson
Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Garrett Wilson, the budding superstar for the New York Jets, issued a my-bad apology for celebrating the Aaron Rodgers news.

Yes, just like the rest of the NFL world, Garrett Wilson thought a New York Jets deal with Aaron Rodgers was imminent. (It may still be). But when he read tweets and retweets of the news prompted by NFL Insider Trey Wingo, he couldn’t help himself.

First, he tweeted: “I can finally enjoy my vacay now.” He then followed that with “Y’all shud see this smile on me (right now).”

Then, once the Trey Wingo rumor got show down, Garrett Wilson said sorry about his excitement over Aaron Rodgers.

“I ain’t gon fake it, I thought “Dov” bro tweet was the news break I was waiting for… smh. Idk anything. Sorry (about) that.”

FYI: Dov is Dov Kleiman, an NFL journalist especially active on Twitter.

The Jets apparently are working hard to land another Green Bay Packer out of all this speculation. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Green Bay receiver Allen Lazard could be headed to NYC, although the deal isn’t done. Schefter tweeted:

“Jets are actively working to reach an agreement with Packers’ free-agent WR Allen Lazard, per league sources. There is another team involved, and no final decision, but the Jets are trying to reunite Lazard and OC Nathaniel Hackett.”

Rodgers would love to take Lazard with him to which ever team he chooses. And surely Garrett Wilson would like this Aaron Rodgers-inspired addition to the Jets. Plus, if Rodgers does go to the Jets, Packers receiver Randall Cobb should follow.

Wilson earned AFC offensive rookie of the year after catching 83 passes for 1,107 yards and four touchdowns. And the first-rounder from Ohio State did all that with turmoil at quarterback.

He’s been active on social media, along with teammate Sauce Gardner, in a playful appeal to lure Rodgers their way. In fact, Gardner, Wilson and running back Breece Hall burned a Cheesehead via live stream last week.

NFL free agency started Monday, with trade season beginning Wednesday. Rodgers still has two years remaining on his contract. So this Jets move would be a trade. The Packers have indicated that they are prepared to move on with Jordan Love. Green Bay selected Love out of Utah State with the Packers first pick of the 2020 draft.

Meanwhile, this is the second straight off-season with lots of Rodgers drama. He stuck with the Packers this time a year ago when the team gave him a new, three-year contract.

Over the weekend, Rodgers told Brandon Marshall, the co-host of the “I AM ATHLETE” to “stay tuned” for imminent news.

“Well, I think it won’t be long,” Rodgers said. “There’s a time limit for all this.”

So what might the Jets be doing right now? NFL Network insider Mike Garafolo said the Jets have “guarded optimism” about signing Rodgers. But that the deal was “not quite there yet.” Basically, it all has to do with Rodgers’ pay for 2023. He’s supposed to make about $60 million. The Jets need to rework the money, Garafolo said.