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Jimmy Graham returns to his bike days after being hit by a car

by Suzanne Halliburton
jimmy graham
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

This makes us happy. Jimmy Graham is back in the saddle, literally, as he began riding his bike again near the tranquil Atlantic waters outside Miami.

Graham, the former NFL tight end, got in a gnarly wreck a week ago. When cars and bikes collide, the guy riding the bike usually loses. The former New Orleans Saint said a car turned into him as he was riding his bike at about 20 miles per hour.

Jimmy Graham tweeted a video of his Tuesday morning ride. He added: “Sore AF but back on the bike stitches and all. Appreciate everyone who reached out after eating that car.”

We’re glad Jimmy Graham can crack jokes about what happened. He suffered some nasty road rash on his back and upper leg. And doctors needed to use stitches to close up one of the gashes on the back of his calf. Graham is riding through the pain because the stitches have yet to be removed. He showed off a photo of the injury, with the now fading bruises, for his Instagram story.

Jimmy Graham posted this photo on his Instagram stories, Tuesday morning. He suffered road rash on his back and legs. And he needed stitches to close a deep gash on his calf.

Jimmy Graham discussed what happened during an appearance last week on the Pat McAfee Show.

“I started cycling last year because I wanted to stay in shape after football and I fell in love with it,” said Graham, who said his bike was painted in Saints colors of gold and black. “I guess a guy in the one lane didn’t see me because the sun was coming up and just took a left and just T-boned me.”

The car wasn’t driving that fast. Graham said “I was probably going 20, he was probably going 20-25. And I ripped all the skin off my back, I got that big laceration and, luckily, I had a helmet on.”

Riding bikes is a great exercise. It helps with endurance and it doesn’t cause much wear and tear on the joints. But it’s never good for a bike rider to tangle with a car.

Graham played 12 seasons in the NFL, with the majority of his career spent with the Saints. He retired at the end of 2021 after spending two seasons with the Bears. Graham is back in Miami now where he played college football for the Hurricanes. He’s got a unique football story. He didn’t even try the game until his final season at Miami. Before that, he played basketball for the Hurricanes.

Jimmy Graham’s next project, he says, is sailing around the world. Earlier this spring, he showed off both his boat and some drone work. He’s definitely having a nice time outside of football, except for the crash.