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Joe Buck Offers Tom Brady Advice For His Future In the Broadcast Booth

by Daniel Morrison
Joe Buck
Arturo Holmes / Staff PhotoG/Getty

Since retiring from the NFL, Tom Brady has taken on a number of new jobs. One of those is going to be as a broadcaster.

Brady isn’t going to start as a broadcaster until 2024, with some people thinking it won’t be until even later than that. Still, as he prepares for that future role, veteran broadcaster Joe Buck decided to offer some advice to the legendary quarterback.

“There’s going to be a bit of a learning curve for Tom,” Joe Buck said. “I expect him to do it and do it well, but it’s a weird kind of thing to do. There’s a bit of acting involved. It’s a presentation as much as just knowing football. I’m sure he’ll be great, but I’m anxious to see.”

In other words, Buck isn’t convinced that Brady is prepared for the act of presenting his vast knowledge. Still, as Buck later added, “Anybody would be an idiot to bet against him.”

Joe Buck hasn’t been the only one looking to give Tom Brady advice, though. Troy Aikman, a former quarterback turned broadcaster in his own right, also joined in.

“Just to be himself. I have no illusions as to what it might look like for Tom. I think he’ll be fantastic,” Aikman said of Brady.

When he does decide to go into the broadcast booth, Tom Brady will join Fox. He has a contract that will pay him $375 million over the course of 10 years. So, the network is betting that Brady will be able to figure things out quickly.

Tom Brady Became a WNBA Owner

The broadcast booth isn’t Tom Brady’s only post-retirement venture. He also just became the minority owner of the Las Vegas Aces, a WNBA franchise.

“I’ve got really special news to share today. I’m excited to announce, I’m going to become a part of the Las Vegas Aces organization. It was a matter of time before I was back in the building with some of the greatest athletes in the world, and I grew up with three older sisters. They were all incredible athletes in their own right. They were role models to me,” Tom Brady said.

“I admire all the work the Aces players and staff and what the WNBA continues to do to grow the sport and to empower the future generations of female athletes.”