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Joe Buck Trolled Fan in Starbucks Ahead of Cowboys vs. 49ers

by Dustin Schutte
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(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Joe Buck takes his job as a sports broadcaster very seriously. It’s why he’s one of the best to do it. But when it comes to random fans asking him questions about his gigs, he likes to have some fun.

Buck shared a funny story on Twitter over the weekend about someone he spoke with while at a Starbucks in St. Louis. Apparently, the individual asked the long-time broadcaster if he was calling Sunday’s Cowboys-49ers game in San Francisco.

“A guy in line at Starbucks this am (in Stl) asked me if I was doing the Cowboys game today in SF,” Buck wrote on Twitter. “Obviously I said ‘yes, oh sh!!!,” and ran to my car. Won’t he be surprised?!!”

To be fair to the Starbucks customer, it wasn’t the worst question in the world. Buck and analyst Troy Aikman worked at FOX for years calling NFL games before making the transition to ESPN’s Monday Night Football for the 2022 season.

We’d absolutely love to know what ran through that guy’s mind when he saw Buck bolt for his car. And then his other thoughts when Buck and Aikman weren’t actually on the call.

Joe Buck, Scott Van Pelt Clear Air on ‘Feud’

Earlier during the NFL season, an “icy” exchange between Scott Van Pelt and Joe Buck after a Monday Night Football game created drama on social media. After a game on Dec. 26, it appeared that SVP and Buck were uncomfortable with each other.

That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Following the NFC Wild Card game between the Cowboys and Buccaneers, the two cleared the air.

“You know, we didn’t even get a chance to say it — first of all, couple of weeks ago, you and I hard our thing. We’re always playing around,” Buck said. “You’re the only guy I knew at ESPN before I came here. So, let’s just put that to bed.”

Van Pelt followed that up with some comments of his own.

“My favorite thing this year is that people on the internet truly thought a broadcaster as legendary as Joe Buck is pissed off for one question after a lousy football game,” Van Pelt said. “Incredible to me how dumb people are.”

If you haven’t learned by now, Buck likes to joke around with both colleagues and random strangers in Starbucks.