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Joe Burrow Causes Confusion After Wearing the Wrong Jersey to Press Conference

by Dustin Schutte
Joe Burrow Playoff Game
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Through the first three years of his NFL career, Joe Burrow has become pretty well known for his fashion sense. But on Wednesday, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback had a bit of a flop.

Burrow showed up to his press conference wearing the wrong jersey. Instead of his No. 9 practice threads, he was sporting No. 8. That jersey belongs to backup quarterback Brandon Allen.

At first, Burrow didn’t realize he was sporting the wrong jersey. Then, a reporter asked if a number change was on the horizon for the quarterback. Burrow’s response was fantastic.

“I guess I put the wrong one on,” Burrow said, laughing. “Well, so what happened was, I forgot about the press conference … I threw my jersey back on, but apparently it wasn’t my jersey.”

Hey, who hasn’t been there? Burrow just grabbed the wrong jersey while he was in a hurry to fulfill his media responsibilities. As long as he wears the right jersey on Sunday, the Bengals will be just fine.

Bengals Owner Makes Interesting Comment on Joe Burrow

Considering the incredible amount of success Joe Burrow has enjoyed during his first three years in Cincinnati, you’d think ownership would bend over backwards to keep the quarterback in the city. But the recent comments made by owner Mike Brown might tell a different story.

In a recent radio interview on the Bengals’ flagship station, Brown made some interesting comments about Burrow’s future.

“He’s going to have a long career. We certainly want it to be here,” Brown said. “I think his window will extend over his whole career. But there is the fact that when you don’t have to pay the quarterback some extraordinary amount, that that leaves room to pay other players more, and therefore you can keep more players that are good players.

“That’s what people are referring to there. (Patrick) Mahomes and others of that like, they seem to make it go even after they have gotten their payday.”

Last season, Burrow led Cincinnati to the Super Bowl. This year, the Bengals have an opportunity to make a similar run. A big reason for that is Burrow’s play.

Bengals fans won’t be too happy if ownership doesn’t do whatever it takes to keep Burrow in Cincinnati when the time comes.