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Joey Bosa Unleashes Expletive-Filled Rant on Officials After Chargers Brutal Loss

by Kaiden Smith
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Many will remember the Los Angeles Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Wild Card playoff game for the phenomenal, 27-point comeback orchestrated by Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence that helped the Jags to a 31-30 victory. However, Chargers edge rusher Joey Bosa remembers it for his frustrations regarding the officiating of the game.

Bosa made his displeasure with the referees during Saturday’s game very clear saying Sunday, “I’m sick of those f—ing people.”

Bosa had an injury-riddled season, spending 12 weeks on the injured reserve. Saturday’s matchup was just his third game back from the IR, having an underwhelming one tackle and zero quarterback pressures. His health may have been a factor in his performance, but he believed the officials had one as well, sounding off on the situation Sunday.

“I do really, really want to say some things. I need to be more accountable for my actions, obviously, but it’s a heated game and I’m hurting out there. I’m playing on half a leg, I’m getting dragged to the ground, whatever, could hurt me along with screwing our team, and yeah, maybe some of ’em weren’t as blatant as I thought, but I don’t know. I think there just needs to be more accountability,” Bosa said. “I mean, if I say something to them I get a $40,000 fine but if they blow a call that ruins an entire team’s season they get to — they’ll probably be back in the locker room after the game like, ‘Haha, got that a–hole, oh yeah, got him 15 yards, what a loser.'”

Bosa added, “I guarantee it, that’s what they’re f—ing talking like in the back. Whatever power trip. I’m sick of those f—ing people.”

Bosa clearly showed his rage on the officiating of the game. He earned two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for slamming his helmet on the ground while still on the field of play. This not only generated a penalty, but a viral moment. Head coach Brandon Staley picked up the helmet, returning it only for Bosa to slam it again on the sideline.

“I need to be more accountable for my actions,” Bosa said regarding his penalties and antics.

It’s definitely safe to say that it was a frustrating weekend for Bosa between the result of the game, his views on the officiating, and his injury struggles throughout the season. The Chargers have already fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and QB Coach Shane Day following their playoff loss. And it will surely be interesting to see what other moves they decide to make this offseason.