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Josh Allen explains why Patrick Mahomes is the No. 1 QB in AFC right now

by Steve Samra
Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Josh Allen isn’t disagreeing with the experts on whether Patrick Mahomes is the top quarterback in the NFL.

The Buffalo Bills star is being realistic. Until he captures a Lombardi Trophy, it’s Mahomes’ world, and all the other quarterbacks are simply living in it.

Speaking with NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt, Allen evaluated the AFC quarterback tier list the analyst came up with. On it, Mahomes is alone in Tier 1, while Allen and Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Burrow make up Tier 2.

Some may put Allen and Burrow on Mahomes’ level. Brandt won’t. However, Allen gave the secret to how to elevate up to the Chiefs star’s tier, believing a Super Bowl victory could do it.

“Until me or [Burrow] or anybody else can win a Super Bowl, I think Pat’s kind of the clear No. 1 right now,” Allen said. “He’s been playing at such a high level for so long and he’s got the rings to prove it.”

While Burrow came close to winning a Lombardi, Allen hasn’t brought the Bills back to the big game just yet. Mahomes, and even Burrow if you remember how last season in Buffalo, has been in Allen’s way. Still, that could change as early as next season, as Allen is supremely talented, and more than hungry.

Nevertheless, it’ll be Mahomes alone at the top until Allen or Burrow can capture the ultimate prize at the NFL level. Their time could be coming soon, but Mahomes and the Chiefs aren’t going away either.

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Moreover, Allen also threw some shade at the rest of Brandt’s rankings. Evidently, he believes three quarterbacks should’ve been ranked higher.

Jacksonville Jaguars star Trevor Lawrence and Miami Dolphins signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa were selected for Tier 6. That’s way too low for the taste of their fanbase, and Allen is backing up that ideal.

“I’m not the one to sit here and say who belongs where, but I do think that Tua and Trevor — they played extremely well last year — I think they’re a little too low,” the Bills quarterback stated

Additionally, Allen had some qualms about another freshly-minted fellow AFC East quarterback in Aaron Rodgers.

“I think Aaron belongs a little higher,” Allen said, regarding Rodgers’ placement in Tier 3.

Alas, Josh Allen doesn’t just have immense talent, but he has immense respect for his competitors. Time will tell if he can improve his own standing in 2023, but Kyle Brandt’s tier list could look very different at this time next season.