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Kansas City Chiefs release hilarious Twitter thread of 2023 opponents

by Sam Gillenwater
Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes
Michael Owens | Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs will open the next NFL season as the reigning Super Bowl champions. As of this week, though, the franchise may also have won the league’s schedule release as well because of a Twitter thread they put out.

Using AI to complete tasks has become a fairly viral trend over the last few weeks. So, in turn, Kansas City tweeted out a thread that featured each of their 2023 opponents.

Some are fairly obvious, like their AFC West matchups with the Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos. Others have already been reported or announced like their season opener against Detroit or their New Year’s Eve contest with Cincinnati.

Still, some are equally as confusing for some which, in the end, is the point of the antics around the time that the NFL schedule is announced. That’s why the Kansas City Chiefs let this out yesterday before the official answer key is released later tonight on the NFL Network.

Dallas Cowboys post cryptic emoji tweet

The Dallas Cowboys‘ full 2023 season schedule comes out on Thursday night during the NFL’s reveal show at 8 p.m. On Wednesday night, the team shared a cryptic tweet. It was likely meant to perhaps tease or hint at what’s to come on the 2023 schedule.

The Cowboys Twitter account shared two ice cream emojis with a plus sign and three whiskey-on-ice emojis. Aside from the cryptic tweet, the account has also been teasing who the Cowboys could have gotten to shoot their schedule release video.

Vanilla Ice, anybody? Vanilla Ice, a.k.a Robert Matthew Van Winkle, is a DFW native and a Cowboys fan.

In 2021, Post Malone shot a video for the Dallas Cowboy’s announcement. He played beer pong with team owner Jerry Jones and showered Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott with mini-schedule cards. In 2022, the Cowboys had Stephen A. Smith give his “First Take” on the schedule for their release video.

They’ll play the 17-game schedule with nine games on the road and eight games at home. Since they have one less regular season game at home, Dallas will host two out of three preseason games.