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Travis Kelce Describes Advice From Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley Ahead of Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

by Kaiden Smith
Travis Kelce hosting Saturday Night Live
(Photo by: Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce hosted Saturday Night Live last Saturday and did not disappoint. From a funny opening monologue to numerous hilarious skits, it’s safe to say Kelce knocked SNL out of the park.

But maybe he was able to do so thanks to some sage advice from some SNL athlete alumni. The brothers Travis and Jason Kelce host the New Heights podcast, and on their most recent episode spoke about Travis’ hosting experience and advice he received along the way.

Peyton Manning gave me one word of advice going into it, which was the best advice I could get, he was like, ‘Dude, just go all in. Just be open-minded… be on time,” Travis said.

Like Kelce, Manning hosted SNL in 2007 following a Super Bowl victory. But he wasn’t the only one to give Kelce advice, as he also received advice from an NBA Hall of Famer.

“So you actually started recording on Thursday night, which is when I showed up… So you got advice from Peyton Manning, you also got advice from Charles Barkley… do you remember what his advice was?” Jason asked.

“Make sure you wear drawers,” Travis said.

“Which for me, was very good advice,” Jason added. “A lot of changing back and forth. 

“When I tell you they’ll just throw you in a corner and just muddle huddle, and just start ripping clothes off you,” Travis said.

“I made sure I packed drawers for the show,” Jason said.

Barkley’s wardrobe advice seemed to come in handy, and it will definitely be interesting to see which professional athlete may host Saturday Night Live next, joining a star-studded group of alumni that now includes Travis Kelce.

Rich Eisen Jumps in on the Advice

Kelce received all the advice he needed about hosting SNL, but TV personality Rich Eisen pulled back the curtain on what goes down afterward.

“One of the more iconic things that I didn’t know about until Rich Eisen told me,” Jason said. “Which is the after party. Rich Eisen was kind enough to tell me, ‘Make sure you sleep in all Saturday, as late as possible, because you will see the sun rise the next day.’ And he did not lie.”

He did not lie,” Travis said. “It was a dark environment too. Because we went to the after party and then went to the after-after party, that’s where we stayed up till the sun rose.”

“Not just us – I was like, ‘You gotta do this every Saturday?’” Jason said.