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Kayvon Thibodeaux Gets Buried by San Francisco 49ers Star

by Sam Gillenwater
Giants LB Kayvon Thibodeaux
Cooper Neill | Getty Images

Although Kavon Thibodeaux and the Giants were at home, the rookie linebacker caused quite the stir on Sunday during the NFL’s conference championship games. Among several tweets, his main point came as an insult towards the San Francisco 49ers during their disappointing showing in the NFC Title Game.

That then led to quite the back and forth between him and former 49er tackle Joe Staley. In his first response, Staley tried to put Thibodeaux in his place with a humble reminder of who he is, even with the hype of New York City behind him.

It didn’t stop there, though. Thibodeaux then answered by asking who Staley was, similar to what he did with Jeff Saturday earlier this season. In response, the six-time Pro Bowler and member of the All-2010s Team had the final word of reminding him of his personal resume as well as some of Thibodeaux’s own stats from this year.

This may serve as a learning lesson for a young player on the rise like Thibodeaux. While he’s more than entitled to his opinion, respecting your elders might also go a long way…

New York Mayor Eric Adams Apologizes for Empire State Building’s Eagles Support

Maybe the mayors of major U.S. cities oughta hit the sidelines when it comes to participating in NFL rivalries. Of course, the Cincinnati mayor made a fool of himself last week by making an official decree that Joe Burrow is Patrick Mahomes’ father and the Chiefs’ stadium should be named “Burrowhead” — a move not even his constituents enjoyed. Then, on Championship Sunday this past weekend, the city of New York lit up the Empire State Building green to congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles, and then later on, lit it up red to congratulate Kansas City.

However, New York Giants fans did not take well to the move, and felt betrayed by the iconic building that it would honor the conquests of a divisional rival, even using the Eagles’ motto, “Fly Eagles Fly,” in a Twitter post praising Philly for their accomplishments. Diehard New York fans were steaming.