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Kurt Warner’s Kids Spot Their Dad Dressed as The Flash on TV, Get Hilariously Embarrassed in a Bar

by Nick Geddes
Kurt Warner
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

Super Wild Card Weekend called for a superhero performance from Kurt Warner during Saturday’s “NFL GameDay Morning.”

Warner, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, was asked a simple question: Who needs to have a superhero performance in Super Wild Card Weekend? Not only did Warner give his answer, but he did so clothed in a “The Flash” costume.

Warner went a step further, running in place on live TV for everyone watching at home to see. That includes his family, who happened to be in a bar when they saw him in full superhero getup. Suffice to say, they were quite embarrassed.

“Watching your dad @kurt13warner as The Flash on @nflnetwork @NFLGameDay may or may not embarrass you, so glad no one in this bar knows we are related @jessejowarner @siennaraewarner,” Warner’s wife, Brenda, tweeted.

Warner, 51, will be in Tampa, Florida, Monday — the site of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Dallas Cowboys NFC Wild Card game. Warner will be on the call for Westwood One alongside Kevin Kugler and Laura Okmin.

Kurt Warner Analyzes Tom Brady’s Season

The game will feature one of the more intriguing quarterback matchups of the Wild Card round in Tom Brady vs. Dak Prescott. Brady is looking for his eighth Super Bowl title after a rocky 23rd season in the league. The Buccaneers finished 8-9, finishing atop the NFC South. The offense, meanwhile, has struggled to score points, with Brady posting the lowest QBR of his career (52.6).

Warner documented the issues plaguing Brady this season in a YouTube video titled “Is Tom Brady Broken?” Warner came to the conclusion that Brady, along with another veteran quarterback in the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, looked exhausted.

“I think both of those guys look like they’re exhausted,” Warner said. “It’s OK to go, ‘You know what? It’s not how it used to be. I may not be who I used to be, or, it’s just too hard overall to get everybody up to the standard. Maybe it is time to walk away.'”