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Larry Fitzgerald Tells Incredible, Hilarious Story of Hitting Hole in One During Round of Golf with President

by Suzanne Halliburton
larry fitzgerald can play golf almost as well as football
Stacy Revere/Getty Images for The Match

Larry Fitzgerald tells a terrific story about the time he hit a hole-in-one while playing golf with Barack Obama. It’s what retired dudes do. They brag about the shots they made out on the course that day.

There’s also a funny part to this story and it doesn’t involve the actual shot for the ace. Trust us, Fitzgerald has those details as well. Rather, this involves how he celebrated a lifetime moment. He needed to be sedated because of those watching.

Barstool Sports posted a video clip from the ForePlay Pod. Check it out, then come back for some details on Larry Fitzgerald’s golf game. This former NFL star has got a lot of it.

Larry Fitzgerald and Barack Obama Played Seminole Golf Club

Fitzgerald is a former Arizona Cardinals’ All-Pro wide receiver. He recently recalled the date he had with Obama in January 2019, at the renowned Seminole Golf Club in Florida. The great golf stories need to be retold and probably embellished, don’t you think?

All top golfers can recall every shot, every club and the distance to the hole each time. Fitzgerald was no different. “President Obama (or 44 as the ex-receiver sometimes calls him) he hit a really tight shot, President Obama hit it within six feet. He was chirping.”

We’ll briefly pause this story to say that Obama is a noted trash talker while on the course, which makes him a lot like NFL receivers and defensive backs.

Fitzgerald said he was yelling “that was a great shot, that was a great shot.”

But then came the response from Fitzgerald. “It was a nice little tight cut. The wind stood it up, then it dropped and it rolled in. (Obama) got excited.”

How did Fitzgerald respond? He admitted that he wasn’t sure what to do. Taunt the former president? Bad decision. “I saw the Secret Service in front of us and back of us, saw the guns. Play it cool, play it cool. Thank you, thank you, don’t shoot me.”

Of course, “it was awesome. It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Larry Fitzgerald retired from the Arizona Cardinals after the 2019 seasom. (Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Receiver’s First Ace Was with His Dad. He Didn’t See It Go In

The hole-in-one Fitzgerald shot with Obama was the second of his career. The first happened with his dad.

“Each one was special in its own regard,” Fitzgerald recalled in an interview in 2021. “The thing that made my first one so special was that it was with my father. My dad’s been playing golf for over 40 years and he never had a hole-in-one. [I hit] a 6-iron it might have got off the ground like this high, and it was a back-right pin on No. 7, and that’s not an easy pin to get to. It rode the contour on the hill and I lost it, I didn’t see where it went.”

Father and son walked to the green and discovered Larry Jr’s ball at the bottom of the cup. “I’d been playing six months and I made my first,” Fitzgerald said. “But he’d never made one. He was happy for me, but he was like ‘How the f— did he do that?’ “