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LOOK: Peyton Manning, Son, Troll Eli Manning at Giants, Eagles Game

by Suzanne Halliburton

We’re anticipating problems between the brothers. Peyton Manning was the cool dad and brought his son to the Giants-Eagles NFL playoff game. But the son wore a Jalen Hurts jersey.

Surely, Uncle Eli would like a word.

And pardon the pun, that’s gotta hurt Eli’s pride, with his nephew showing support for one of the Giants’ biggest rivals, especially in the divisional playoffs. Maybe Eli should reintroduce his nephew to the two Lombardi trophies he helped win for the Giants back in the day.

John Clark, a sports anchor in Philadelphia, snapped a photo of Peyton Manning and his son in pre-game as the two watched the teams in warmup. Maybe Eli didn’t see the jersey underneath the jacket.

Peyton Manning and his wife have two children. They’re twins Marshall and Mosley. Marshall is an up-and-coming quarterback. This isn’t the first time he’s bucked the family to support another quarterback.

In the fall of 2021, Peyton Manning shared a story about Marshall on the ManningCast. It seems that Peyton was coaching Marshall’s flag football team. They were the Bills. The players could put their own name on the back of their jersey. But Marshall didn’t pick out Manning. Nope, he went with Josh Allen. So Peyton told Allen about it when the Bills starter appeared on the show.

“Tell me how to interpret that,” Peyton asked Allen “And would you please tell him that’s not a nice way to treat his father?”

So maybe Eli will make the same point. Wearing a Jalen Hurts jersey isn’t a nice way to treat your uncle. After all, Eli Manning played for the Giants from 2004-19, his entire career. He also led the Giants to victories in Super Bowl XLII and XLVI, winning MVP honors in both. Plus, Eli is the most prolific passer in Giants team history.

But maybe Peyton Manning’s son was being polite to the rowdy Eagles fans with the nod to Hurts.