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LOOK: Tom Brady Fulfills Embarrassing Autograph Request For Teammate Logan Ryan

by Jonathan Howard
Tom Brady during player introductions
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

At the end of his career, Tom Brady has been humble enough to sign some interception balls. But this latest one is a bit more meaningful. It has been three years since Brady played his last game with the New England Patriots, a pairing that didn’t end on ideal terms.

When Tom Brady was playing for the Pats back in January 2020, it all came to an end against the Tennessee Titans. The way that the NFL goes, players come and go on teams when they aren’t a franchise quarterback or skill player.

Logan Ryan, safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, used to be a Titan. He also happened to be the guy that intercepted the last pass Brady threw on the field as a Patriot. Now that they’re teammates, Ryan wants to get that special ball autographed by the man himself.

That interception was truly historic. Tom Brady’s time with the Patriots ended with a turnover. While that doesn’t negate all of the greatness, the six Super Bowls, all of the records and more – it is significant.

For Ryan and Brady to be teamed up now, in search of another championship, is just too cool. Maybe they will go on a wild run these playoffs and do something truly special.

Can Tom Brady Take Down the Cowboys?

Regardless of what happened in the regular season, the playoffs give Tom Brady and the Bucs new life. However, it doesn’t help that Brady and the Bucs have to face the Dallas Cowboys. Troy Aikman had some words for the GOAT as a former Cowboy.

“I kid him about it — he’s the most un-athletic quarterback in the game,” Aikman said on a podcast recently. “I’m 56 years old and I’m pretty confident I can outrun him in the 40-yard dash.”

While it may be true that Brady isn’t very mobile and never has been, he’s still ventured out a few times during the season. Besides, when you can throw the ball for 400 yards, it doesn’t matter if you can run or not.

Another chance for Tom Brady to write a chapter in the story that is his NFL career. But will it be too much of a challenge for this Bucs team to handle?