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LOOK: Trevor Lawrence Celebrated His First NFL Playoff Win in All-American Fashion

by Jonathan Howard
Trevor Lawrence during NFL Wild Card
(Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images)

There is only one place that you can go after pulling off a historic NFL playoff comeback, Waffle House. At least it is if you ask Trevor Lawrence. The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback helped his team come back from a 27-point deficit, then he got a cheap and delicious breakfast.

If there is one equalizer in America, it has to be Waffle House. No matter who you are, where you’re from, and most of the time how much money you have – they are always there. Now, it might not be great service, and they’ll probably forget part of your order, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Trevor Lawrence was rolling deep as he pulled up to the restaurant. Of course, after a big game like he had last night, he likely needs a big meal. All-Star Specials for everyone!

Some folks are calling Lawrence “America’s QB” after the gesture. There were no bottles of champagne, no steaks, no high-end frills and theatre – just greasy food and good times.

When you’re an elite athlete, you typically watch what you eat. But sometimes, you gotta just throw some fuel in the tank and get your body’s road to recovery underway. The Jaguars quarterback earned more than his fair share of waffles after Saturday night’s thrilling win.

Trevor Lawrence Flips the Script

A lot of teams would pull their quarterback after four first-half interceptions. They would be looking to put the ball into anyone else’s hands. However, the Jags stuck with Trevor Lawrence, just like they have since he was drafted.

Walk-off wins don’t often happen in the NFL Playoffs. When they do, it provides an instant classic moment, and few can compete with last night’s performance. Lawrence shook off those four interceptions and went on to throw four touchdowns.

It was like seeing a train wreck while someone paints a beautiful masterpiece just in front of it. The Chargers couldn’t keep the wreck from happening, and Lawrence and the Jags were making a colorful canvas down on the football field.

With his first career win in the NFL Playoffs, Trevor Lawrence can eat whatever he wants.