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Mad Dog Rips Aaron Rodgers over Green Bay Packers, New York Jets Drama

by Daniel Morrison
Aaron Rodgers
John Fisher / Stringer PhotoG/Getty

The drama surrounding whether Aaron Rodgers is going to retire, remain with the Green Bay Packers, or move on to a new team is completely out of hand. Now, Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo is completely sick of this saga.

It has been presumed that if Aaron Rodgers does move to a new team, it will be the New York Jets. However, after it was reported that Rodgers had a list of pre-trade demands, Mad Dog on his show Mad Dog Unleashed on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, Mad Dog ripped into Rodgers.

“Can Aaron Rodgers come to New York without a bunch of demands?” Russo asked. “Can Aaron Rodgers, for once in his life, make a decision quickly and succinctly, without being such a diva?”

Mad Dog argued that Rodgers is lucky the Jets want him. After all, Green Bay is clearly looking to move on from him now.

“Now we got Rodgers, who before he comes, and he’s got nowhere to go right now — Green Bay wants him out! — Rodgers is going to sit there and tell the Jets, ‘I’d like to get this, this, this, this and this, and oh by the way, I know he’s a pain in the ass, but let’s see if you can get OBJ in here, too,'” Russo said.

“Jeez, how about coming here, and just shutting up and playing football”

Pat McAfee Still Thinks Aaron Rodgers Could Still Retire

When Aaron Rodgers makes a decision, he often tells Pat McAfee first. The former NFL punter has turned into one of the most unique media members out there.

Despite all the rumors that Rodgers is going to the Jets, McAfee still thinks he could retire.

“What we’re saying is we have no idea either. Same spot as yesterday. Same spot as Friday. Will an answer come soon? We have no idea. We think, we’d assume with how everything has to kind of go. But that is not necessarily going to come from this particular program, today. We like to let everybody know that,” McAfee said.

“I think he’s a human that could retire. And this is not off any information, but it’s the real deal. He’s a guy that could stare down $58 million and retire because he would view it as, like, ‘My happiness is not about money.’ That’s like legitimately how he goes. So I think in that aspect, if he felt like he was happier without all the stresses of football, I think he would be a person that could turn that down and be completely cool with it and just move along. That’s just from hanging out with him one time in Lake Tahoe and realizing he’s a motherf*cking hippie.”