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Mattress Mack Sends Message to Dak Prescott After Losing $2 Million Bet On Dallas Cowboys

by Suzanne Halliburton
Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The guy dubbed Mattress Mack lost $2 million when he bet that Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys would beat the San Francisco 49ers.

That’ll teach Mattress Mack, aka Jim Mcingvale, the friendliest millionaire in Houston, to place a hefty wager on a team in the Metroplex. First he lost a chunk on TCU against Georgia in the college football national title game. Now, it’s the Cowboys. He should stick to his Houston Astros.

But Mack shrugged it off. Besides, Mattress Mack is known most for his marketing and salesmanship skills. So he turned his $2 million Cowboys loss into an opportunity when he made a video for social media talking directly to the Cowboys quarterback. It looked like Mcingvale was sitting in one of his giant galleries in the Houston area as he started his Dak talk.

“Hey, Dak, Mattress Mack here, I just lost $2 million, but I’ve got some advice for you. Get rid of that sleep number mattress and get a tempur pedic. You’ll get much better results.”

Maybe Dak Prescott Should Advertise for Mattress Mack Products

Yes, Prescott is a quarterback by trade and a commerical pitchman as his side hustle So he’s got something in common with Mcingvale (besides a hefty checking account). The Cowboys quarterback is the face for Sleep Number mattresses. His latest commercial dropped in September. You can catch it on television and social media sites.

While Mcingvale could crack jokes, devoted Cowboys fans aren’t smiling. They’re frustrated and heart broken as Dallas goes another year without a better showing in the NFL playoffs. It’s been 27 years since their last Super Bowl appearance. And Prescott, the most veteran of any QB who started a divisional playoff game this past weekend, is receiving most of the blame.

He acknowledged his short comings in post-game interviews Sunday night.

”I can’t put the team in jeopardy like that,’‘ Prescott said. “The defense gave us an opportunity to win the game, they did a great job against a good offense. For us to put up the points we did, it’s unacceptable and that starts with me.’’

Prescott threw two interceptions in the 19-12 loss. It was the continuation of a negative trend from the regular season when he threw an NFL high 15 picks. And that’s even after missing five games. He told reporters he would study why each one happened.

”The number it has gotten to is ridiculous,” Prescott said. “I can promise it will never get this high again. I promise it.’’

Team owner Jerry Jones embraced Prescott as his quarterback. “Asking me, I guess, how do you feel in confidence with Dak?” he told reporters. “It’s strong, just as strong as ever. It’s great to have him out there.’’

But maybe Dak Prescott should do what Mattress Mack suggests. Swap out your mattress. What could it hurt?