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Micah Parsons Pens Emotional Farewell To His Cowboys Position Coach

by Jonathan Howard
Micah Parsons during warm ups
(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. No matter who you are. The Cowboys fired a handful of coaches, including Micah Parsons’ position coach. These types of things happen. But right now Dallas looks like a fragile team.

The hard part of firing five coaches on your staff is that some players are going to feel a certain way. There is no doubt that Micah Parsons is an important piece of the Dallas defense.

Linebackers coach George Edwards is out after serving in his position with the team since 2020. For Parsons, he’s the only position coach that he’s had in the league. As the two part ways, the linebacker has a few words.

“All I can say is thank you! Not for taking a kid from Harrisburg but for raising me like I was one of your own! I wouldn’t have made so many leaps [without] you! You will be missed!”

Edwards is one of those guys that has built up a resume through the grind. He didn’t go to the NFL out of Duke University. So, he started his coaching career early as an assistant at Florida in 1991.

His first ever job in the NFL was with the Dallas Cowboys as the linebackers coach from 1998-2001. Also, he has served as a defensive coordinator for a few teams in his career. There’s a reason why guys like Micah Parsons love and respect Coach Edwards.

Is Micah Parsons Unhappy in Dallas?

I’m not trying to be a fearmonger or sound any alarm bells. However, it does seem that Micah Parsons might not be too happy this off-season. It isn’t just the firing of Coach Edwards. There has been some other evidence of uneasiness since the season came to an end in the Divisional Round.

Let’s not forget that Parsons seemed to tweet his displeasure with Dak Prescott just this week. Now that his position coach has been fired, a man that he clearly looked up to, who knows what is going through his mind.

This season, Micah Parsons was a fast star. His tenacity on the defensive side of the ball is almost incomparable. Just one of those dudes who loves to play football and really loves tackling ball carriers.

In 2023, Dallas should be happy to keep their team and chemistry together. Firing five coaches might be doing something, but is it a real solution in the longrun? That remains to be seen.