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Micah Parsons Responds to New Massive QB NFL Contracts

by Suzanne Halliburton
micah parsons
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Micah Parsons chases quarterbacks for a living. Now, the Cowboys linebacker is pondering a position tweak.

And it’s all about the money. He’s kidding, we think, cause has anyone seen Micah Parsons throw a ball with a defensive back in the vicinity?

Color his post green, as in envy. “Fuc# it. I’m switching to Qb!” he tweeted.

No doubt, Micah Parsons, the charismatic Cowboy, is sifting through Twitter, listening and/or reading the news and talking to his league friends. This week, several quarterbacks signed or were offered some big, huge money.

Micah Parson’s Envy List: These Were Highest Paid QBs in 2022

Aaron Rodgers (Packers) $50.3 million

Russell Wilson (Broncos) $49 million

Kyler Murray (Cardinals) $46.1 milllion

Deshaun Watson (Browns) $46 million

Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) $45 million

These contract numbers may break Micah Parsons. There are so very many zeros.

At his request, the Raiders released long-time quarterback Derek Carr. And now Carr signed a deal with New Orleans Saints. The Saints haven’t revealed financial details of Carr’s new agreement. But ESPN, quoting unnamed sources, said Carr’s contract with the Saints is for four years. It could be worth up to $150 million, with a $60 million signing bonus, then another $10 million bonus in year three. The first two years of the contract are worth $60 million.

Micah Parsons’ Tweet Coincided with Daniel Jones Announcement

Here’s another high-dollar quarterback moment. The Giants agreed to a deal with Daniel Jones, their young quarterback. Similar to Carr’s contract, Jones will receive a four-year deal worth $160 million.

Then there’s Lamar Jackson. He and the Ravens couldn’t agree to a deal after a year of negotiations. Jackson represented himself. So on Tuesday afternoon, Baltimore placed a non-exclusive contract tag on the QB with a one-year salary of $32.4 million. That means he’s free to talk to other teams, who can beat the offer. Baltimore can beat another team’s offer. But if Jackson signs elsewhere, the Ravens receive two first-round draft picks. At a minimum, the QB receives $32.4 million. That’ll help the checking account.

Reports indicate that the snafu in negotiating was Jackson’s demand of a fully-guaranteed deal. He wanted something similar to what the Browns agreed to with Deshaun Watson. Cleveland did reach when signing Watson, given that he was having legal issues and had been out of football for a season.

Let’s circle back to Micah Parsons, who by comparison to the NFL quarterbacks, is poor. These quarterbacks are making 10 times what this linebacker earns. The Cowboys selected Parsons in the first round of the 2021 draft. The former Penn State star signed a guaranteed deal worth $17 million. His annual salary is $4 million.