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Micah Parsons says he’ll claim one NBA team next season

by Suzanne Halliburton
micah parsons
Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

We’re thinking Micah Parsons is just a huge NBA fan. There’s no other reasonable explanation for these changing team allegiances.

The Dallas Cowboys linebacker caught a lot of attention — and flak — when he showed up at a 76ers and Celtics playoff game wearing a Philadelphia jersey. As if any self-respecting Cowboy can wear anything that says Philly. We excused it because he’s from Pennsylvania and starred for Penn State. You can move him to Texas, but you can’t rid Parsons of all things Keystone.

Then on Wednesday, Micah Parsons wore a Celtics jersey to watch their playoff game against the Miami Heat. What in the name of The Gaw-den was he doing?

And to top it all off, Parsons likes to watch Mavericks games when he’s home in Dallas. And he wears Mavericks jerseys. He must have plenty of quality closet space.

Parsons, who loves him some Twitter, noticed a posting on his newsfeed that called him “the LeBron of the NFL.” And the tweet showed off photos of Parsons wearing three different NBA teams. And welp, there also was a reference to Parsons referring to Golden State as “my Warriors.” In that same tweet, Parsons used “we” two other times in regards to the Warriors, which just lost a playoff series to the Lakers.

Micah Parsons thought the tweet was hilarious. “Broooo starting next year I’m claiming one team!!!”

Several minutes later, Micah Parsons tweeted “If y’all think I bought this jersey!! y’all are outta your minds!!”

We could tell that Parsons showed up at the game wearing a blue plaid shirt. There wasn’t a jersey in sight. So someone tossed some swag the linebacker’s way.

Celtics star Jayson Tatum chatted with Parsons, one of the league’s brightest young stars, in pre-game. And darn the luck, he remembered seeing Parsons the week before. “last time I saw you, you had a Philly jersey on,” Tatum told the linebacker. Parsons conceded that businessman Michael Rubin, a former 76ers co-owner, gave him the jersey. You gotta wear it if it’s a gift. And Parsons then asked for a Tatum jersey. We’re sure they can swap.

Micah Parsons soon will be ditching the NBA for the NFL. The Cowboys begin organized team activities next week, with the first starting May 22-23. The others are set for May 25, May 30, June 1-2 and June 13-15.

In the offseason, Parsons has devoted himself to gain more muscle while keeping his speed. Meanwhile, he’s planning on rushing the quarterback more, even chatting about a switch from linebacker to end. So far, his coaches or team executives won’t say it’s a position switch. Look at it as fluid, just like his choice in NBA teams.