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Michael Irvin Breaks Silence on Misconduct Allegations

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin became emotional on Wednesday as he discussed the situation that got him pulled from Super Bowl coverage by the NFL Network. He said it reminded him of a lynching.

“I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from people and friends,” Irvin told reporters on Wednesday. “This sickens me. In this great country, this takes me back to a time when a white man would accuse a black man of something. They’d take a group and take a rope and hang him from a tree.”

Irvin continued: “This just blows my mind that in 2023, We’re still dragging men and hanging them by a tree. I have no ability to defend myself. Marriott is above the law. I still haven’t seen this tape. I want to see what I’m being accused of. Why I’ve had to put my whole life on hold. Why my family has to endure this. If I’ve done something wrong, I would accept the consequences. But if they do something wrong, they need to face the consequences.”

Michael Irvin Filed $100 Million Lawsuit Against Marriott

Irvin filed a $100 million lawsuit against Marriott days after a Phoenix hotel turned him into the NFL Network for making what hotel management described as improper advances towards a female employee. The hotel first told Irvin he could no longer stay at the hotel. Then the NFL Network canceled his Super Bowl assignments.

The Marriott legal team, in court filings, said that the Hall of Fame receiver made “harassing and inappropriate comments” toward the employee. A judge ordered expedited discovery in the case and wanted Marriott to turn over video of the exchange between Irvin and the female employee.

Levi McCathern, Irvin’s attorney, watched the video, Tuesday, but wasn’t allowed to make a copy to show Irvin. On Wednesday, he filed an emergency motion to acquire the video. McCathern said the video shows the employee going up to Irvin. They walk through parts of the lobby. The lawyer said Irvin and the woman shake hands. He touches one of her elbows and brushes his hand against the other one as the two laugh. They shake hands again and then Irvin walks away.

“I’m struggling, this is what I’m struggling with,” Irvin said. “You try to be an ambassador for the league. You try to raise people, lift people up. I always try to be good with people. Now I’m struggling, do I talk to people anymore? I was trying to do everything right. Had I not said to these guys, let’s go outside and take that picture, they wouldn’t have been with me. No one would have listened to what I have to say. No one would care what I have to say.”