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Michael Irvin Misconduct Case: New Court Docs Show NFL Involvement With Accuser

by Dustin Schutte
Michael Irvin
(Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There’s another twist in the Michael Irvin misconduct case, which dates back to the week of Super Bowl LVII. New court documents indicate the NFL had involvement with the accuser following the alleged incident.

Per the Dallas Morning News, documents state the NFL “sent its investigator to the Hotel and asked if the Victim was willing to speak with her.” The accuser agreed to the interview, repeating her version of the incident.

“The NFL investigator then asked to review the video and the Hotel allowed her to do so,” lawyers of Marriott wrote. “Following her review of the video, the NFL investigator escalated the matter and additional NFL personnel quickly arrived at the Hotel.”

Marriott’s lawyers say that the league made the decision to remove Irvin from the hotel. The former Dallas Cowboys receiver was also sent home from NFL Network’s coverage of Super Bowl LVII.

Irvin maintains his innocence regarding the incident. However, the Hall of Famer admitted during a radio interview with 105.3 The Fan’s Shan & RJ, that “It was a minute meeting somewhere in the lobby. I don’t even remember it really because I had a few drinks, to tell you the truth.”

Michael Irvin’s Accuser Shares Vulgar Details of Encounter

For weeks, details about the alleged incident that occurred at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown remained secretive. Recently, court documents exposed some of the alleged actions that occurred between Irvin and the female hotel worker.

A 28-page motion from Marriott explained that Irvin was “aggressive in nature,” and appeared “visibly intoxicated” during the encounter. The victim claims Irvin’s actions were unwanted.

“Irvin also reached out and touched the Victim’s arm during this conversation without her consent, causing her to step back, becoming visibly uncomfortable. Irvin then asked the Victim whether she knew anything about having a “big Black man inside of [her],” the lawsuit states.

Despite the accuser’s attempt to back away, Irvin allegedly continued to harass the employee.

“Irvin then attempted to grab the Victim’s hand again and said he was ‘sorry if he brought up bad memories’ for her,’” the lawsuit reads. “The Victim pulled her hand away and tried to back away from Irvin as he continued to move towards her.”

Irvin’s attorney, Levi McCathern, called the accusations “total hogwash.”

“Marriott’s recently-created account goes against all the eyewitnesses and Michael’s own testimony as well as common sense,” McCathern told the Dallas Morning News. “We will release the video next week. There is no sexual assault. The fact Marriott is taking the position that it is is an insult to all of the true female victims out there.”