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Michael Irvin Reveals His Super Bowl Prediction, Winner

by Jonathan Howard
Michael Irvin poses for the camera
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

The NFL Playoffs are finally here and before we know it, the Super Bowl will be kicking off. Michael Irvin has his two teams picked out. Irvin can be very opinionated at times. However, his picks aren’t that controversial. One may say predictable.

Now, Irvin has a job to do as an analyst. He’s got to deliver his own opinion, as unbiased and honest as he can be. Other analysts with the NFL GameDay team made their own picks. The Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers were the two most popular choices.

In his Super Bowl pairing, Irvin has the Bills in the big game. He was the only analyst to pick the Dallas Cowboys to make it as well.

That would be quite a game, Bills-Cowboys.

The last time the Bills and Cowboys played each other, it was a completely different world. Buffalo was able to defeat Dallas 26-15. However, it would be silly to even make conclusions based on that performance.

The point is, that matchup would be rare. Of course, Irvin being the former Cowboy himself couldn’t help but put Dallas in there. It’s the same problem I have every March when Kentucky is in the NCAA Tournament. I can’t not pick them to win it all.

If Buffalo and Dallas made the Super Bowl, I’m not sure the NFL world could handle it. Both of those fan bases would be itching to have an excuse to burn coaches, climb street lights, and cause mayhem in celebration of a world championship.

Super Bowl Odds Before Wild Card Weekend

Before Saturday’s games got started, there were a few teams at the front of the Super Bowl odds. Those odds will likely not change much after this weekend. It is no surprise which teams lead the list and which are near the bottom.

To no one’s surprise, the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Before Wild Card Weekend, the Chiefs were +350 to win. They were just ahead of the Bills at +400. Behind those two teams are a pair of strong contenders in the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers at +550.

There is no telling who will make the Super Bowl. If I had to say, I’d put the Chiefs in there, and after that, it could be anyone. The NFL Playoffs could produce a number of interesting results.