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NBC Makes Decision on Tony Dungy Following Controversial Tweet

by Nick Geddes
Tony Dungy
(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Pro Football Hall of Fame coach turned NBC Sports analyst Tony Dungy will be on the air for the network’s coverage of the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs Saturday.

A network spokesperson confirmed the news to Sports Illustrated‘s Jimmy Traina. He will serve in a studio role alongside Maria Taylor and Jason Garrett for the Kansas City Chiefs-Jacksonville Jaguars game. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. ET.

Dungy, 67, has received criticism in the past week for posting a controversial tweet, in which he shared a myth which had previously been debunked. Responding to a tweet from The Daily Wire, Dungy claimed that school districts across the United States are providing litter boxes in bathrooms for students who identify as cats.

“That’s nothing,” Dungy wrote Wednesday. “Some school districts are putting litter boxes in the school bathrooms for the students who identify as cats. Very important to address every student’s needs.”

Dungy has since deleted the tweet.

Tony Dungy Attends March for Life 2023

Following outcry for the tweet, Dungy attended and spoke at March for Life 2023 at National Mall in Washington, D.C., Friday. Dungy brought up Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin while discussing the fight against abortion. Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field during his team’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan. 2.

“An unbelievable thing happened that night,” Dungy said. “A professional football game with millions of dollars of ticket money and advertising money on the line, that game was canceled. Why? Because a life was at stake, and people wanted to see that life saved.

“Even people who are not necessarily religious got together and called on God… that’s exactly why we’re here today. Because every day in this country, innocent lives are at stake. The only difference is they don’t belong to a famous athlete and they’re not seen on national TV. But those lives are still important to God in God’s eyes.”