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New Audio Emerges of Dak Prescott Exploding After Brett Maher’s Fourth Missed Extra Point

by Suzanne Halliburton
cowboy quarterback dak prescott dropped f bombs after brett mahers misses against Tampa
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Maybe you could read Dak Prescott’s lips during a key moment in the Cowboys playoff win Monday night over Tampa. Just like NFL fans across the country, the Dallas quarterback was super irritated when kicker Brett Maher kept missing extra points.

In fact, it looked like Prescott dropped at least two F bombs in reaction to one of Maher’s misses. (What did he say about the other three misses? Great question). Turns out, NFL Films had mic-ed up Prescott. So now there is audio evidence to confirm the lip reading.

Maher suffered through an historically bad performance for an NFL kicker. So Dak Prescott was far from the only person yelling about it. The kicker missed four consecutive extra points. But since the Cowboys cruised to a 31-14 victory, everyone could laugh afterwards and make all kinds of kicking jokes. Prescott said in his post-game presser at Raymond James Stadium that he was supportive of Maher. However, on the sidelines, he wanted coaches to pull the extra-point team and send in the offense for a two-point try.

As the third kick missed, cameras caught Prescott slamming his helmet on the sideline. He yelled a drawn-out F word. Then he used another F word as he yelled “go for f***ing two!”

Dak Prescott, Cowboys Haven’t Been This Far in Playoffs Since 2018

Maybe the Cowboys have put the missed kicks behind them as they prepare for a Sunday road date at San Francisco. It’s the divisional round of the playoffs. And Dallas hasn’t won a divisional playoff game since the 1995 season. Coincidentally, that’s also the last year the Cowboys won the Super Bowl. Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin were the stars of that team. They probably wouldn’t have tolerated four missed extra points in a playoff game, either. Coincidentally, Aikman was calling the Tampa-Dallas playoff Monday night. He didn’t curse on air, but there’s probably no hot mic moment of what he might’ve said when the cameras weren’t on.

Meanwhile, Dak Prescott and the ‘Boys haven’t been two games into the playoffs since 2018.

Still, all sorts of folks keep talking about the kicker. Peyton Manning didn’t care if he hurt Maher’s feelings. He was doing running commentary on ESPN2 with Eli. When Maher missed the third extra point, Peyton exclaimed:

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Why are we kicking?” Manning asked. “Can you cut a guy at halftime of a playoff game?”

Rest assured, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy didn’t release Maher at halftime or make him take the bus back to Dallas. Forget what you saw in Tampa, Maher is a pretty good kicker. He’s made the only 60-yard field goal in the NFL this season. And he’s 8 of 11 from the 50 to 59-yard range. Apparently, it’s the short stuff that can confound him.

In post-game, Dak Prescott placed his allegiance behind Maher, telling reporters: “I’m Money Maher’s biggest fan. … I played like shit a week ago.”

But Dak Prescott had time to think about his response. Plus, the Cowboys won a game that felt even more dominant than a 17-point point margin suggested. So trust what the quarterback said when he thought no one was listening. (Except for the NFL Films mic. Ouch).