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New details emerge revealing why Matt Ryan is putting off retirement, CBS, to return to NFL

by Steve Samra
Matt Ryan
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Headline were made by Matt Ryan earlier on Monday, when it was announced he was joining CBS Sports as an analyst. However, he quickly made it a point to leave the door open on a possible NFL return.

Now, the reason the former Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts quarterback did that has become clear. Per usual, it’s a money thing. It’s always a money thing.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler cleared it all up. According to Fowler, Ryan will be getting paid by both CBS Sports and the Colts, as long as he doesn’t officially call it quits.

“Matt Ryan has a nice double-dip situation with CBS Sports and the NFL,” tweeted Fowler. “Already $12M guaranteed from Colts in 2023. That money does not offset with his media job.

“Nice windfall for Ryan, whether he eventually retires or not.”

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be entirely shocking if the former NFL Most Valuable Player left his analyst role for another playing opportunity, should one arise. A couple years back, Jay Cutler was slated to join FOX Sports, but instead returned to the field when the Miami Dolphins came calling. 

Of course, the most recent and famous example may be none other than Tom Brady. While Brady has a deal in place with FOX, who knows if it’ll ever begin. Nobody is willing to believe he’s actually retired until the beginning of next season.

Moreover, Ryan has had a phenomenal NFL career. However, most teams likely aren’t calling due to his ineffectiveness over the 2022 season in Indianapolis.

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The Colts believes they were getting a bonafide star veteran quarterback to lead their team. Many predicted them to not only win the AFC South, but become one of the top contenders in the entire conference. That’s not what happened under Ryan’s watch.

The veteran quarterback instead amassed a record of 4-7-1 as the Colts starting quarterback. He only threw for 3,057 passing yards and 14 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. It wasn’t the result the franchise anticipated.

It led to Frank Reich’s firing, and Jeff Saturday’s eventual interim status as the team’s leader. In short, a complete mess followed Ryan’s arrival in Indianapolis, whether he was at fault or not.

Could Matt Ryan be a solid bridge quarterback for a rookie signal-caller? Probably. But if he’s not been signed yet, it’s tough to picture him in that scenario. That likely leaves him as a team’s emergency option if their starter gets injured. 

Time will tell if a good enough option is bestowed upon Matt Ryan to leave CBS Sports during the season. At least he’ll make a great analyst, it seems. The network got a good one, but we’ll see if it lasts throughout the 2023 NFL season.