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New details on Marshawn Lynch arrest emerge, lawyers respond

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Prosecutors now say that former NFL star Marshawn Lynch had a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit when Las Vegas police discovered him asleep in a car last summer.

KTLA, quoting court documents, reported that Lynch’s BAC was .18. That followed a bizarre incident in which police discovered the ex Seahawk asleep and leaning back in his seat. The side door of his car was wide open. And the car, itself, was undriveable. Witnesses told TMZ Sports that Lynch had been driving into curbs. The car came to a halt near the Las Vegas strip. Now add in this detail. The 2020 Shelby GT500 Coupe Marshawn Lynch allegedly drove was unregistered. Police said Lynch fell asleep several times while they tried to talk to him. The cops said they could smell alcohol. They noted in their report that Lynch’s eyes were blood shot. And when they found him, he was wearing only one shoe.

When he was awake, police said, he was uncooperative. In his mugshot, Lynch could barely keep his eyes open.

Marshawn Lynch lawyers say there’s no proof he drove the car

We say Lynch allegedly drove his car because his attorneys say there’s no proof that their client drove the car to where police found him.

Police released body cam footage in the days after the Marshawn Lynch arrest.

The Lynch lawyers, in documents filed with the court, said there was no evidence that Lynch drank anything that night. Nor is there evidence that he drove the car that evening.

The lawyers also asked the judge to suppress any evidence the police gathered from the car’s internal computer after they seized the automobile.

City attorneys contend that it’s true, there’s no evidence that suggests Marshawn Lynch drank any alcohol after he arrived at the location where officers found him. However, the city attorneys stated in court documents that:

“The defendant was behind the wheel of a damaged vehicle that had left pieces along the roadway and damaged the city’s roadway and curbs. The defendant had the keys to the vehicle that starts by pressing a button, in his pocket.”

There’s a hearing today on the case. A judge already has ruled that Marshawn Lynch can now legally drive. His attorneys had petitioned the court to “rescind” his license revocation after his arrest. Prosecutors already dropped a charge for failure to provide insurance.

As Marshawn Lynch contends with his legal issues, he already has his next project lined up. He and 11 other celebrities are competing in a reality show called Stars on Mars. Other athletes who will compete with Lynch include Lance Armstrong and Richard Sherman.

Marshawn Lynch, first contestant on left, is competing on Fox reality show called STARS ON MARS. (FOX Media)