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New York Jets Stars Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall Make Recruiting Pitches to Aaron Rodgers

by Dustin Schutte
sauce gardner cheesehead
(Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There seems to be legitimate momentum about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers heading to the Big Apple for the 2023 NFL season. A few New York Jets players are doing their part to recruit the four-time league MVP to their team.

Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall both took to Twitter on Tuesday in an effort to recruit Rodgers to New York. The comments from the two Jets stars came after an ESPN report that team officials flew to Green Bay to meet with the quarterback.

“Aye @AaronRodgers12 I promise if you become a Jet, I won’t pick you off in practice & I’ll burn the cheesehead,” Gardner wrote.

Following New York’s 27-10 win over Green Bay at Lambeau Field, Gardner wore a cheesehead as we went to the locker room.

Gardner wasn’t alone in his pitch. He got some assistance from Hall, who chimed in on Twitter by saying, “Don’t mind me … just manifesting @AaronRodgers12.”

Rodgers hasn’t revealed anything about his plans for the 2023 season yet. He’s kept all options on the table, including a return to Green Bay, a request to be traded, and retirement.

While very little information is out there, it seems more likely Rodgers won’t be playing for the Packers next season. The question then becomes if he plays for any team in 2023.

New York Jets Miss on Derek Carr, Now Eyeing Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets might have to put all their chips on the table when it comes to Aaron Rodgers. If the franchise wants to become a playoff contender, it has to do something at the quarterback position.

Just a few days ago, it seemed like the Jets had options. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that the team had good conversations with former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

However, on Monday, Carr agreed to a deal with the New Orleans Saints. That really limits the options for the Jets during the offseason.

Based on their recruiting pitches, you get the sense that Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall know how important it is for New York to somehow land Rodgers.