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NFL Announces Fine for Jamaal Williams Unsportsmanlike Pelvic Touchdown Celebration

by Jonathan Howard
Jamaal Williams celebrates a touchdown
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

No this isn’t a skit from Key & Peele, this is real life. The NFL has fined Jamaal Williams thousands over a pelvic touchdown celebration. Williams, running back for the Detroit Lions, got a little too into his TD dance last week against the Green Bay Packers.

Despite there being no flags thrown on the play during the game, the league is stepping in. They can’t just let guys like Jamaal Williams go out there and celebrate like that – people might start to have fun.

In order to make sure that Williams knows how wrong he was, the league fined him $18,566. Yeah, really.

There have been jokes made in the past about how strict the NFL is about things like this. Celebrations and taunting have long been penalties that I just don’t understand. As long as it isn’t delaying the game or touching an opposing player, why can’t these grown men dance a little after scoring?

So, Jamaal Williams got a talking to. The good news is, the NFL doesn’t have to worry about the running back now. Since the Lions didn’t make the postseason, Roger Goddell and others can rest easy. That monster won’t be able to do anything like that for a long time (next season).

If I told you this isn’t his first time getting in trouble for this, would you believe me?

Jamaal Williams Has a Thrusting Problem

Look…no one likes to say things like this. It brings me no joy. But Jamaal Williams has a problem. A thrusting problem. When he finds the endzone, it’s like his hips have a mind of their own. But, is it any worse than what Elvis was doing up on stage all those decades ago?

The thing is, the NFL is probably tired of having to tell him to cool it. It doesn’t help that he was flagged back in September for a similar celebration. While he didn’t get fined back then, he probably got a pretty good warning.

Whatever Jamaal Williams has going on, he should embrace it and stay true to himself. All jokes aside, he’s a fun player to watch. That’s why he has earned the respect and support of so many fans in Detroit. Perhaps next season he will be thrusting himself into the playoffs.